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No one has said "Z for Zachariah"?  I loved that book as a young adult.
This carrier was barely used and in fantastic condition.  It is a great back carrier, just didn't get much of a chance to use it.  The color scheme is called Garden and is just gorgeous.  Very lightweight and comes with own carrying bag. I purchased it last year for $150.  My home is non-smoking and pet free. Shipping is free anywhere in the US.
I am glad I can be an example.  :)  Good luck to you!
My son is 3.5.  He nurses as often as his 15 month old sister.  Which is a lot.  He would nurse all night if he could, but we nightweaned him a few months ago.  He still battles it every night. he just gives in quicker now.   I didn't post this in the CLW forum because I would love to wean him completely, but how?  I have been tandem nursing for 15 months and I didn't like it from the start, now I am really fed up with it.  I feel terrible because I know how you...
Well, I nightweaned with a sibling in the room, but the sibling was younger one and she slept pretty soundly.   Could you move your older daughter to another space for the time being?  Or, what I sometimes did with DS was remove him from the room when he started to ramp it up.  He was older than your child, but I made it clear if he couldn't be quiet we were leaving the room.   Good luck!
Please don't be too hard on yourself.  I can totally relate.  I am so burned out with nursing my 3.5 yo.  We have been tandem nursing for the past 15 months and I have hated nursing him for most of it.  For me, night-weaning helped a lot.  I wish I had more advice, but I just wanted to say your feelings sound normal to me.   Maybe some time for yourself would help.  I know it does for me.
You are not alone!   My son is 3.5 and we just nightweaned in August/September.  I posted awhile back, I think, asking for help with this and even on MDC I felt like a complete freak!  :)   Even now, he wakes up 1-2 times a night to ask for milk.  But I tell him not until 6:00, he can read the digital clock.  It used to be when it was light out but now it dark until late here.  Sometimes he gets very angry and hits, but usually he calms down and falls back to...
I can't say for sure...   But I made some quilted squares for the seat of our old wooden high chair with one layer of Warm and Natural batting.  Now that DD is done with the high chair, I snipped off the ties and they work great as pot holders.  I think a couple layers of batting would make them even better though.
Ok...thanks for this thread...but maybe not?    I am here though I have just started pinning. 
Thanks for the replies.    I am feeling so overwhelmed right now.  The preschool director talked about having "professionals come in and evaluate" DS.  I am not even sure what that means, and she wouldn't really give me an answer.  She just avoided telling me anything definite saying she wasn't a professional.  She asked if DS made eye contact with us at home, and I said that he did.  She said that the aggression was really worrisome, mostly because it didn't have a...
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