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My experiment with weaning off was pretty bad.  I think I have to wait until I can get more time to myself as well.  I think when I can get a good nights sleep (will that ever happen?) and can exercise regularly, then I can look at going off.  I feel pretty sad and guilty about it, but I have to be realistic.
Is it ever too late to hill?    I haven't for lack of soil/compost, and my plants are nearly 2 feet tall now, and one has a blossom.  Can I still benefit from hilling?
This sounds so tough.  And very much like my experience.  It will get better.   Is there any family or friends you could enlist to take your son off of your hands for a couple hours?  Having a break does help so much.   Sorry I don't have much advice...I totally understand the personal boundary type issues.  My DS can be very aggressive and that is always when I get the aversion associated with tandeming.  I can only imagine how abuse issues would exacerbate...
 And, honestly, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would be where I am today - I am both blessed and know it and amazed - I had my sweet dd at the age of 45, so I am now 50, so of course I am done making milk.  I feel I am in an odd category for our culture - over 50 with a 5 1/2 year old who nurses but gets no milk!  You are awesome!
Constant 3 yo nurser here too.   I think when you are tandem nursing you will inevitably get an older child who nurses more.  At least in my case, every time I nurse DD, DS seems to think,"oh what a great idea." 
Yeah, no real advice here...my new baby will now be a year old this month, and DS is still wants to nurse instead of eating real food.  DD is nursing less so that is helping him...   Hang in there.  If he was down to 2-3 times at day before, I am sure it won't be that long for the newness to wear off.
Yeah, I definitely had concerned individuals when I got pregnant and my first was about 18 months.   But I really just had my first experience of being judged this 4th weekend.  DS (3) demanded "mama's milk" and I as I nursed him my brother-in-law obviously had some issues and he and my sister decided that it was time to leave.  It was getting late, but I really think my nursing pushed them out the door.
Thanks for this.   (From a mother of another boundary testing 3 yr old.)
Thanks for the responses.   Umsami, thank you for the youtube link.  I, too, am pleased that he likes when I do the breathing and counting with him.  But then he started to think it was a game and special one-on-one time with me.  And I worry that he still doesn't get that he can't hurt his little sister.    Insidevoice, "yikes" is right.  I don't like it when DH drags it out that long with him.  (And it isn't a confined space, even sitting in his room with him...
Our 3 yr old has become so aggressive in the last 6 months.  He hits and bites his 11 month old sister, hits me, hits DH.  He had to leave tumbling class for head-butting other kids.   We say, "don't hit, hitting hurts" but that is worth nothing.  The Dr. Sears books say give your biggest tirade about how that is not to happen again.  Yeah right, is all I can say.  We have recently started trying to do time outs, we put him in a corner of the dining room (no toys,...
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