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Thanks for listening to my complaining...   I think we are finally going to start nightweaning tonight.  I think you are right, that will definitely help.  Wish me luck.
Or maybe just tandem nursing...I don't know.   My 3 yo is obsessed with nursing all day and all night.  He has nursed like a newborn his entire life.  And now his 10 month old sister seems to be picking up all of his bad habits.  She needs to be latched on all night.  She pinches and digs her nails into me...And I am tired of gargantuan boobs!  And when I complain to DH he thinks I am just being a whiner.  I just sometimes feel like a mother dog with pups and have to...
Not much advice here either...I was here to post the same thing.   My 3 yo's hitting has really gotten out of hand.  It is usually directed at his baby sister, but today he had to leave his tumbling class because he was head-butting other kids!    We are trying time-outs but they are laughable, really.  He throws a tantrum, won't stay in the time out, hits whomever is trying to keep him in the time-out...etc.   We really are at our wit's end.
These are great links!   (BTW, Smokering, just want to say congratulations!  We were in the same DDC in 2008.)
I came online to ask about weaning from Zoloft specifically.  So glad to find this thread.   For the last 6 days I have been halving my 100mg tablet.  Do you think going from 100mg to 50mg is too drastic?  I have felt a little disoriented at times.  It is hard to describe, might be a brain zap...   I have been on zoloft for over two years now from ppd.  I am now 7 months pp with baby number 2.  I would love to be off of it!
Thanks so much for the input and suggestions. Sleep and exercise are two big "to work on" areas.  Lots to think about...   Thanks again.    
Well, I am caving tonight.   I may just need to go ahead and eat the sugar.  I am eating way more trying to fill my craving.
Thanks for the input.   We have cut out sugar from the house, no artificial dyes either.  He doesn't eat much at all, he is constantly nursing.  I would love to get him to eat more.   He does have some boundaries.  But, I wonder, too, if he needs more.  For instance when I try to limit his game time on the computer, he has a meltdown.  I just don't know how to handle that.   Bedtime specifically.  If I say, ok time to take a bath.  No, and if I force it, a...
I will try to keep this short.  DS will be 3 in April.  He has been high-needs from the start, traumatic c/s birth, has never slept well ever.  One year ago he started having tantrums and they have only gotten worse. 7 months ago his baby sister was born and it all went down hill from there.  We walk on eggshells around him.  He basically runs the house.  We have no bed time routine because what he doesn't want to do doesn't happen, for example.   When do you know...
So how far down the list of ingredients is everyone going?  It sounds like most of you are eliminating sugar completely.  I don't know if I can do it.  I am eating mainstream peanut butter (second ingredient is sugar) and kashi cereal (cane juice is number 3).  But, honestly, this is struggle enough!    It is interesting about the iron...I have been drinking/craving a lot of prune juice and cherry juice, both of which have a good dose of iron.
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