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I am right there with you.  :(  And I haven't even completely weaned yet.  I have been eating the last box of shortbread cookies, which basically taste like sugary cardboard.  But I am eating them anyway and seriously feeling like I need to up my zoloft.   It doesn't help that I get zero time to myself, that it is impossible to go outside because of the cold, that DH and I are fighting, and we are broke.  Chocolate and sugar were the bright spot of my endless...
I might go that route...DS got a play kitchen for xmas.  But these are mostly jewel tones.    I am just not sure of what the possibilities are, I guess.  They would make a very warm patchwork blanket, too, I suppose.
Ok, I am glad to hear I am not the only one who could eat a stick of butter!
Great job, Kas!    As I wean myself this week, it is getting harder and harder.  I feel different...crabbier.
Ok, so I bought these just because they were gorgeous.  Anybody have any ideas?
Thanks to everyone who has posted here!  I feel so great just knowing this thread is here.    JayGee- You didn't fail  !I still haven't cleaned out all of the sugar from the house, but I am definitely eating a lot less.  I made banana bread to "get rid" of the ripe bananas in the freezer.   But I did make it through a Target shopping trip without buying candy!   I think my mood is definitely showing the withdrawals.   StormBride- I can so relate to the...
I am so curious to hear what others say, too.  It has been a hard adjustment for us.  DS is 2y3mos older than his 6 mo sister.  Tandem nursing has been the hardest adjustment. That has evened out a bit ,but now that she is getting more mobile and into more stuff it is like he has had to adjust to a brand new baby.  We had to go through a period, recently, where he was being pretty aggressive with her, biting and head-butting.   It has been a big adjustment just for...
Is it in stores now?  The one store that used to carry it here no longer does.   I can understand a delay for all print, but if retailers have received it and subscribers haven't, that is a different matter.
It isn't something I am proud of.    I have warped my husband's idea of women, I think.  We were watching a movie once and an upset women headed to the kitchen and pulled a bowl or something out of the cupboard.  My husband said, "Oh lady, it isn't worth making frosting over!"  I think he truly believes this is the normal reaction for a woman. 
I am so glad to hear so much feedback on this!  You are right when you say people would just laugh at the idea of a sugar addiction.  Everyone except my husband, that is, who has seen me make frosting and eat it all.  Or suspects but says nothing about the fact that we buy bags of chocolate chips every other day...   But I have hit rock bottom.  I started making a batch of brownies in the afternoon, and eating the whole thing.  (That is a cup of sugar, and a stick of...
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