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So glad to hear I am not alone.   I have been following intuitive eating for the last year and a half.  (A great book if you haven't read it.)  I basically gave up the dieting I had been doing for the last 25 years.  And it has been going phenomenally well.  Except for the sugar.   I literally can't stop myself in the afternoons when I start eating it.  And when I can't have it, and then get it, I physically feel it in my system, calming and numbing me.  I know...
Yeah, I have been looking for chicken pox for a couple of years now and haven't found a case.   My niece had shingles last year and I heard you could contract it that way, but I was pregnant and not willing to risk me getting infected.  (I only had a very mild case as a young infant.)   I promise to post here if we ever get it!
Is there already a thread for this?  I totally have a problem with this and am not sure what the next step should be...DS is now at an age where I can no longer hide my sugar and chocolate. :(  And I don't want him following in my footsteps.   I would love to hear from others who have overcome sugar issues.
I'm sorry, no advice.  But I would love to hear what others say.   I came here to post almost the same thing!  DS will be 3 in April and he wants to nurse more than DD (6 mos.), and he nurses all night long!  He hardly eats any real food at all anymore.
I am so glad it isn't just me!  Thanks to everyone who aired my frustrations for me.   When I worked as a library technician it was standard practice for publishers to extend subscriptions for each problem issue.  I wonder if Mothering could offer something like that, or maybe that is only something that can be worked through a journal vendor such as we had.
I had so many nay-sayers...(including a homebirth midwife)   But here she is anyway, my VBAC baby.   You can do it!  Here is my story, if it helps.
Thank you all for the information!  It seems just slightly less daunting now. :)
I apologize for being so ignorant, but I don't travel much, and have not flown since having children.   I have an almost 3 yo and a 6 mo.  Do they each need a plane ticket?  Do you need carseats?  If you don't, what do you use once you get to your destination, like in a cab and a rental car?  Or if you take then with you, how do you handle hauling them around?   TIA
I could really use some support right about now.  :(  It is 3 am and I have had to remove myself from our bed just so people will sleep!  My nearly 3yo nurses at least 3 times a night, some of those sessions lasting around 45 minutes.  I find sometimes if I just get up out of frustration and leave him he instantly falls asleep.   He has never slept through the night, has always been an intense nurser.  It has been only until recently that he has stopped fully waking...
I am bumping this thread because I would love any ideas as to what to substitute in place of a self-healing mat.  I really want to use my rotary cutter!   Also I had to share that in doing a google search I found a pink "cancer awareness" self-healing mat for sale.  Huh?  What is next pink packs of cigarettes?
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