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Yeah, last March they had run out of some I had wanted too.   And I forgot about free seeds!  I LOVE that! 
I've placed my order with Baker this week too.  :)  We are in MT, so everyone laughs at my earliness!    Can I ask where you order your seed potatoes?  I really want to try them this year.
Thanks for the replies.  It is good to know others have experienced this with cloth.   I was wondering this, having no experience with disposables.  What do you mean by a 5 or a 6?  Is that a size of disposables?
DS will be 3 in April.  He wears underwear all day, but still wears a diaper at night.  (Once in awhile he will wake up to tell me he has to use the potty, or will even hold it all night.)    We have always used prefolds and covers with him.  Right now he is in a Thirstie cover or a Bummi cover.  But for the last two or three months, every time he pees at night, it soaks right through, his pjs are soaked as is the bed.  We co-sleep and I am tired of sleeping on...
I had a similar situation.  I had no labor with my first either.  My MW practiced at the hospital and EFM was a given for VBACs.    I really wanted a homebirth.  I hired a doula and planned on laboring at home as long as I could.  Baby came early and my doula was out of town unfortunately.  But I ended up laboring until 9 cm at home.  Once I got to the hospital, the EFM was a no issue, I barely even remember it!  (Here is my story.)   I would labor at home as...
  I just wanted to add, that I was so scared of having aversions while I was pregnant.  The descriptions I heard were awful!  But when I did experience it, it was, for me, more like extra crankiness.  Don't worry too much about it.    I think you are doing a great job following your instincts... It is the best any of us can do!
Those are good questions.    I don't necessarily want something that embroiders...I am not a fan of machine embroidery.  I want to be able to quilt primarily.  But also sew small projects like kids clothes.  But the thing is, I am teaching myself quilting and don't know much about it.    So I assume I need a machine that can have a walking foot attachment, and is easy to do free motion stuff on?  The problems I had with my $75 Brother loaner had to do with...
Thank you all so much for the input.    It helps immensely just to hear that others have found it to be as difficult as I have.    And I would love to write more but my two year old is swinging a broom around his sister!   Thank you!
Thanks for the suggestions everyone.   I am too chicken to buy a vintage machine...I know zero about sewing machines, and I am afraid it would just end up being something that always needed service and was hard to find parts for.  That is so cool to be able to do that though.  Right now we are looking at some midpriced Juki's on ebay.  I think I remember hearing something about Juki being a good brand.  This one looks good, it is at the higher end, price-wise....
DH wants to buy me a sewing machine for Christmas.  I didn't realize the market I was in was so expensive!  I would consider myself an experienced beginner.  I sewed a bit in my teens and last year or so I got interested in quilting.  I went as far as I could with my mother's borrowed Walmart brother, so we thought I would try a step up. The next step up is $3000?  I want one I can quilt on, but that really is too much for us.  Is there really no middle ground?
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