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How do you do it??  With this second child I feel spread so thin.  My 2.5 year old needs so much more attention than he is getting, but how do I find the time.  The baby is crying as I write this!  Babywearing can only help so much.  I resort to TV way too much. And it being 10 degrees outside with 3 foot drifts doesn't help.  Any ideas are appreciated.          
I have been tandem nursing for 4 months now, and it has gotten a lot easier than the first days.  I think I would do it again.  It has been hard, but I think worth it.  There are benefits to having a nursing toddler with a newborn...no engorgement, he takes care of my overactive letdown, and I dropped a lot of weight!   I didn't plan on doing it this way, I just knew he wasn't ready to wean and decided to take one day at a time.  I still am.  Good luck.
NAK...   I am tandem nursing my 2.5 yo and 4 mo, and I so understand how you feel.  My 2.5 still nurses all night.   I just wanted to highly recommend the book "Mothering your nursing toddler" by Bumgarner.  It was recommended to me on this board and it really helped and inspired my nursing relationship with DS.   And also wanted to say, it sounds like you are doing a great job! 
It works for me now.  Thank you! Thank you!
I asked this question in another thread.  I can only start a new thread in Babywearing, not in the others.  I deleted my cache and cleared cookies, it didn't fix it.   I am using firefox on Windows 7.   Thanks.
Firefox on Windows 7
I have a subscription to the trading post, but it looks like the only section I can post a thread in is in Babywearing.    Is this just another kink that needs to be worked out?
I had to have my gall bladder out yesterday.  My DD is 3.5 months.  My surgeon assured me I could breastfeed her no problem, immediately after surgery.  It was so wonderful to be able to tell the other 20 or so dr.'s and nurses who insisted that I COULD NOT that, "Well, Dr. so-and-so said it wasn't a problem."  It ended each and every conversation about it.  It was such a help in that stressful situation.  (I even overheard my nurses in recovery talking about me as if I...
I just thought I would update on my original post. (Mostly for posterity, in case anyone is researching Moby wraps in the future.) The Moby was NOT causing my back pain. I have a bad gall bladder. Thanks for the suggestions, and yay! to being able to wear my baby again!
Just when I was getting the hang of meal-planning, and doing a fairly good job of it...I found out I have gallstones and need to eat a low-fat, almost no dairy, diet. I had a hard enough time coming up with ideas before! I admit it, our eating habits are terrible. Almost every meal is full of cheese (for me) or red meat (for DH) and white flour. And we could really use a change in our diets, but I am so frustrated, I don't even want to try anymore. Can anyone...
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