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I'm glad you did what was right for you.  Having a little one around is a nice distraction, but in some ways its not a nice distraction because its hard to process/grieve things with them.  You are very lucky to have a DH who is so on board with things.  Good luck and I hope you continue to heal and find peace and joy in your journey.
I'm so sorry for your loss.   I think we're going to go with Male Fertility Blend.  Its only two pills per day and I can purchase it on Amazon for under $25.00 (+ S&H).  I'm nervous about talking with him about it.  But I think if I propose it as a miscarriage preventative measure - rather than a get pregnant measure I may be more successful in getting him to take them.  He tends to forget (or be lazy) about even taking a multi vitamin.   Thanks for the...
I was wondering if there were any recommendations for a particular supplement DH could take?  We have MFI issues and DH refuses to consider ARTs.  We just had our 4th m/c and I have to confess ... I am so close to being done.  I am tired of loosing babies.  If I can convince him to take a supplement, I'd be willing to hang in there a while longer before I close the book.  We've been TCC #2 since 2008.   TIA
Thanks, no I haven't heard of Maca. I was going to start reasearching herbs today and I'll include that one. Any other recommendations?
My cycles are really long since our loss and I'm frustrated. I'm looking for some natural remedies that might help shorten the first half of my cycle. I do ovulate every cycle, just very late, and I do have a 14 day LP. I would like to be able to try to conceive once a month.
Congratulations! That is so awesome.
I wanted to introduce myself and join the group. I'm very pleased to be pregnant and due 10/10. I'm so excited to be planning a hbac. I am totally looking for something so much more personal than my first birth experience. I want to have a water birth and maybe use hypnosis too. I am in the same boat as one of the previous posters about "how do you pay for a homebirth?" My insurance doesn't cover it at all. Its an exclusion to the medical coverage, no matter what...
I have an abdominal separation and am looking for some resources to do a home program. I know there's a progression of things you should do first and then progress to more advanced activities. Anyone have any resources, suggestions or experiences to share? Books, dvd's, websites, anything... Thanks very much. shm04
Wow, I am so in the same boat. I could have written the original post. I too finish pumping and never feel empty. My nursling is 19 months old and I've been pumping 3-6 times a day from the start. I have a PISA when my son was 3 months old. I've replaced the membranes and tubing. And like you, I can hand express after pumping too. I'm frustrated. I pump 3x a day at work and I don't have any extra time. Can an LC or medela rep hook it up to something and test the...
My 14 month old is a terror to change diapers. He cries, squirms, and just really makes it impossible for one person to do alone. I usually have to get DH to run interference while I do the diaper changing part. I really don't know what it is about diaper changes that wigs him out so much. If I don't have someone to help then I'm stuck with a death grip at his ankles trying desperately to keep poop from getting everywhere. Toys help sometimes, but he usually just...
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