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I have called and visited so many camps!   I love Eden Village. Wish I could go. I did speak to them, and, if I recall correctly, you can't opt out of vaxing in NY State.    Pinemere Camp was okay with the no vaxing thing so I think that will be the one. It was also warm and haim-ish (spelling?).   I was just wondering if others had different experiences.    Thanks!
Hi all.   I wanted to know if anyone has run into a similar problem. I would love to send my kiddo to overnight camp, but, it seems that many of the Jewish camps require full vaccinations to attend camp. What has been your experience?   Thanks. 
Thought you all might be interested in these.    - paula     Yoga for Kids Saturday, Dec. 5 and/or Saturday, January 7 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Balance Yoga and Wellness 900 Rutter Avenue, Second Floor Forty Fort, PA 18704 570.714.2777 www.balanceyogastudio.net Pre-registration recommended. Limit 16. Children ages 5 - 10 can enjoy stretching, breath work and lots of fun with this Yoga for Kids...
There's also Dr. Grube in Scranton. She's holistic -- no flouride, no mercury. I'm always in the room with my kids. 
Hi.    After 4 1/2 years of bf-ing, I weaned my DS in December. Beginning last night, I started to feel 'plugged up' in my right breast. Can one get mastitis after weaning? What can I do about it? I haven't been able to express in a while.   Thanks.     
Thanks for all the suggestions. I will definitely try them.    I asked DS to nurse a little to help mommie's owie -- and guess what -- he forgot how to suckle. A little sad after a 4.5 year run!   Off to get parsley and soak.   (It's feeling a lot better today, by the way.)  
Hi.   I'm not sure this is the right thread to put this on, so please forgive me.   I weaned my 4 1/2 year old in November and I'm still lactating a little. Well, I feel like I have a plugged duct and am on my way to mastitis. I'm wearing cabbage in my bra, am drinking sage tea and have taken homeopathic silica. My breast still 'stings' and there are red lines on it.    Not sure what else to do. I don't want to pump cause I don't want to stimulate...
Hi DS weaned in November at 4 1/4 years old, however I still have milk in my breasts and have experienced the beginnings of mastitis a few times. I've been wearing cabbage leaves like I'm a salad, but that doesn't seem to help. Any other ideas for drying up? Thanks. 
Thanks. Just thinking about past experiences with cow's milk in the fridge. Glad to know the milk in breasts doesn't go bad!!!
Hi.   DS is mostly weaned, nursing every few days. Does the milk go bad in between nursings? I don't want him to get sick.    Thanks.   
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