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Anyone here dealing with this? Having a hard time of it this go around. DIY you and I were on the same thread in 2010 I was just reading all my old posts to see if I had posted any links to info. Trying to find my old info. I am having a hard time getting my fasting numbers below 95. They stay below 100 normally, but the doctors want to put me on insulin if I can't get the numbers below 95. I am trying to get off this Island but they won't let me fly if I can't get my...
When you find out the gender, if you are, let me know and I will post it here. :)
I am so sorry. Having been through this I know that words aren't much help and that only time will ease the pain. I hope that you are able to surround yourself with love through this difficult time.
Thanks everyone! I am excited for everyone to make it to their second trimester, healthy, happy, and feeling great!  I commend those and pray for those that have morning sickness their whole pregnancy. I doubt I would be having #6 if that were the case. I hope no one in this group falls in that category.  
Starting to feel slightly human again. Had my 10 week check up last week. Everything looks great. 165 hb. Finally got my gestational diabetes numbers under control. Doctors frustrated that I won't take meds. My numbers are not that far off only a couple of highs here and there. I had to start eating animal protein to keep the numbers where they want them. Vegetable protein wasn't working. Any sort of grain is definitely out.   It was sort of funny today, because I...
On a more somber note. If you want me to erase your name or put an angel baby by it let me know. I am so sorry for any who have experienced loss.  
I think, hope, I got everyone. Feel free to let me know if I missed you and if I need to correct anyone.
You're Welcome!
Nnnnnnoooooo!!! Just finished updating the entire list and....wait for it.....POWER OUTAGE!!!!!! !
Thanks I will let Cynthia know!
New Posts  All Forums: