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I agree that you should go with your doctor's rec. on this one.  Pneumonia is a pretty big deal, and not being able to get enough air is both scary and painful.    Actually, I just noticed that your post was written almost a week ago.  Any updates?  I hope your little one is starting to feel better by now!    
I grew up in the northeastern states, and a toboggan was a sled.   Lived in North Carolina, and there a toboggan is a close fitting winter hat.  
#1: 39+3 #2: 41 #3: 42+4   At this rate, if I have another it'll be a 44 weeker.  Yikes!
DS (4) wants to marry a 4-yo girl from his preschool.  It's actually kind of sweet.  He says he wants to have a wedding soon and then one when they are older so it's more official.  I guess he wants to cover all his bases!
You can't really complain.  She gave them to you for free.  I'd keep the one I could use, and offer the others Free for Shipping to a crafty mom who would be able to fix them.  The elastic on FB wears out pretty quickly, but if the PUL is still good, the diapers are definitely usable.   At least she kept them out of the landfill, although it would have been more considerate to mention that some sewing would be required to make them usable.  Either way, it's not like...
        Change DD to DS, and I completely agree.    In this situation, there is NO WAY I would let my child go abroad with my ex-lover who you admit isn't particularly fond of you.  You say abduction is not a concern, but my goodness, it does seem to be flirting with danger, doesn't it?  After a month, it might be very hard to find him and your DD, and my understanding is that the laws over there are not as foreigner friendly as we might wish.     So no, I wouldn't do it....
Interesting.  We've never had this problem either.  I actually prefer wood floors for a playroom because it's so much easier to do train tracks, roadways, marble game, and building blocks on wood floors.     If it's an issue, I'd get an area rug.  We have this http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20101871, and my boys really like it.
I had a hospital birth and then a homebirth.  LOVED the home birth!  However, we've since moved, and are temporarily living with extended family, so this time around we are opting for a birth center birth.  I am really pleased so far with the group of midwives at the birth center.  They are very low intervention, and have even had homebirths themselves.  The birthing center has a giant tub and comfy looking bedroom suite.  Even a kitchen for preparing food if you get...
DH has two middle names, and goes by one of his middle names.  (so if his name was Joe Mark Tom Lastname, everyone calls him Mark.)  He hates it, and wishes his parents had just given him one middle  name.  So our kids all get one first name and one middle name, and we call them by their first name.
My midwife just confirmed what I have suspected for several months - baby is breech.  She wasn't too concerned, said there was plenty of time for her to flip still (I'm 30 weeks), but I'm nervous because both of my sons were head down from the 20 week u/s on, and never moved out of that position.   So... any ideas on ways to make the baby "flip"?  If she's still upside down by 36 weeks, the midwife said they would try an external version.  But I'd LOVE it if we could...
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