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The only one I know of is Dr. Ling in Burbank. He's always been friendly and I've really never felt rushed, but I also don't stick around to ask questions.
If yOu need sOmeone cheaper, there is Brenda Capps out of Bakersfield. I used her in 2007 and she was charging $1500 for total care (no labs). I know she'll travel south to Santa Clarita, but I don't know about further south.
I live in CAnyon Country, the southeast outskirt of Santa Clarita/Valencia. Commuting anywhere south is going to give you traffic. I can't say how long though. This area is not very Organically conscious. The farmers market is severely lacking, as I've been told. But, Whole Foods is carrying more organic produce now and in Saugus there is a fantastic little store (Lassens) that has organic foods that are mostly locally produced and their prices are very reasonable. I'm in...
Lovely!  I too am secretly planning a UC.  Glad to have found like-minded people here, as my in-laws are CERTAINLY NOT like-minded.  I have had 3 vaginal births (2 hospital, one home midwife), then a c-section for surrogate twins, now pregnant with my 4th baby for delivery after July 4th.  Finding a doc who would do a vbac in this area was nearly impossible.  I found one 45 minutes away and am seeing him to keep the in-laws pacified.  They live nearby so I have to keep...
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