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  How did BCBS pay for your newborn?  They are telling me that I need to reach the full out of network deductible on my newborn before they will pay anything for her.  It seems to me that my midwife billing for the newborn was a waste of time.   
Has anyone been to Dr. Steven Carini?  Thanks!
I have been lurking for a bit after posting in the beginning of our DDC. In one hour I will be 12 days past due, so no October babe for us!
How about sunbutter on brown rice cakes? A little honey inbetween would be a sweet treat too. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by Honey693 THE HEAT! It's killing me. It was 100+ with the heat index today and will be until Saturday. i just want to curl up in a ball and cry. Yep, I am in WI and our central air has been out since last year. I think last year we maybe needed it once. I feel so slovenly and DC's are parked in front of the tv. Oh, and don't get me started on the mosquitos outside so they can't even get any "fresh" air!
I will be 39 when we have our homebirth. My MW has no issues with age what so ever. AMA is a joke these days.
My DD#2's name in Eva--I love it. It is way less trendy than Ava. I also like Lucy.
That is wonderful When #5 came along at the birth center, we were laying in bed together and my DH said "we should have had him at home". We had discussed it and he was more comfortable at the time prior to birth with a center. Now, with #6, we are having he/she at home!
Sada Pearl. I am actually contemplating Pearl for a first name but our last name begins with "L" so you don't get the whole sound of Pearl before running into our last name. Clear as mud?
I never reveal names before birth but since I don't know anyone IRL I should be safe I have a feeling we are having a girl and have been correct with the last five, so... Sada (like say-duh) The name just popped into my head one night and that's how we usually find a name. Thoughts?
New Posts  All Forums: