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Wow!! I have not been on the boards in a reallllllly long time and to see this post again is very nostalgic. :)   Thanks for responding ladies. We still have not found one that fits the criteria.   My dd is now 5 and has not used shampoo or conditioner except maybe twice. Her hair is silky and smooth with no oily build up etc. The real no-poo girl!   Keep the ideas coming as I am sure others will be looking for the same things!
I am ready to wean Dd who will be 3 at the end of March. She is really attached to it and we have recenlty nightweaned with a few hard nights but not like I exepcted. She does not nurse from 7:30pmish to 5am right now. I am afraid of emotional damage to her because I know it is going to be really hard to not have the milks.  She nurses at least 6 xs a day or so and if she is not feeling well more then that. Dh has wanted this for a long time as he feels it is...
I started doing this 2 months or so ago and it worked! We were so shocked the first time we did it and I found her asleep after 5 minutes. There have been a few nights where it has not worked but most of the time it does. I also had a problem with falling asleep while waiting for her to sleep and now I get to spend that time with Dh. She is 33 months if that matters. Now I generally don't need to go in every 5 minutes I just keep an ear out for her and if she calls me I...
A simple question, I hope. Do you need to refresh and change your metatags frequently to get more traffic from search engines? Simple. Right?
I have been hearing more and more about the use of Biofilm enzymes for restoring gut health. Does anyone have experience with using them or have any thoughts on the subject? Dd has Celiac along with so many food allergies that I wonder if the damage from the Celiac, which caused a bacterial and yeast overgrowth, can be helped with the use of Biofilm targeting enzymes.   Thanks!
There is gluten free soy sauces our there so that could explain that one. Are you looking for fast dinner or sit down? What part of San Diego are you going to be in? If you like fish Anthony's is a great fish house who is pretty flexible with allergies. You can also try Outback Steakhouse. Umm, If you give me the area of town I can be a little more specific with ideas.   Hopefully this reply is not to late!  
I will give it a try again but it did not really work for me the first time around. I need to be able to do it when Dd is not in the shower with me which is maybe once a week as she is allergic to the world
  Thanks I will check it out.    
  Thanks I will check out the book for more ideas!  
  I don't get it either but he says he wants his wife back. I did not go anywhere and we still have sex though not as frequently as he would like. I have gotten him around to having her crib mattress, which was never used, on the floor of our room so she starts the night out in her room then when she wakes up I bring her into our room and she sleeps there the rest of the night. It is working okay but she was nightweaned and now she is nursing again 2x a night soooo......
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