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What an absolutely fantastic thread!!   We are currently considering a short move to Costa Rica and these were definitely questions that I wanted to have answered.   I have been a little confused on the housing prices as some places seem to be listed in Colones and some in dollars so it is unclear as to how much it will actually cost to live there.   I would be traveling with my sister who has 5 kids along with myself and my 2 kiddies.   We have been looking at...
Guess not :(
Have you had any luck finding an alternative. I fluctuate between ny and FL but would like to establish a relationship with a dr in NY just as a precaution. Would prefer Brooklyn but I am not limited to any particular area. Natural parneting, alternative med preferred.  
Wowwww what a stroll down memory lane. Bumpity bump bump bump!!!  
Nice to meet you both. Also Trini American here. Born in NYC and travel to Trini regularly. Glad to connect with you both.   You can find my blog at http://empoweredhomeschooler.com and http://empowernetwork.com/kamkal  
Just came back to bump this old thread. How are all you Orlando mommas doing? Hope all is well!  
We have returned to homeschooling 1 year and a half of public school fun and excitement lol.   I selected the Connections Academy Full Time option as I figured it would be easier to just have all of the curriculum selected and provided to me for my 7th grader while I work out the new world of homeschooling for pre-k.   OMG I am slowly going insane with the amount of work they require.   I notice some of the same thoughts mentioned on their message boards as...
Goodness it seems so odd to be the only one n this thread that is a GeoTrax fan. We love geotrax
Good morning mommas! It has been so long since I have been to this site!   I am also in the Orlando area. I used to be a homeschooling mom (and i miss it dearly) so I am plugged in to many of the local homeschooling groups which is a great way to connect with like minded folks. Many of the moms there also have younger siblings and such in tow. There are so many field trips and activities it's amazing! I've also seen mommy groups on meet up but I have not participated...
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