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I'm chiming in because I battled thrush with DD for a good 6 weeks and it was THE most painful thing I've ever endured. Here's what worked for me. It seemed like a lot to do, but I got quick relief. Wash all bras in HOT water with bleach, everyday Take probiotics, I took PB8, 2 tabs, three times a day Take grapefruit seed extract, I took 2 tabs, three times a day Pau Darco Tea - 2-3 cups a day, it's disgusting. I used to let it cool, then chug it jsut to get it...
I successfully nightweaned by 22 month old earlier in the summer and have been sleeping pretty good since then. She generally sleeps 8pm - 6isham, sometimes waking once for a backrub/sushing. For the last two weeks she's been waking at 5:30 begging to nurse. Well, at first I didn't nurse her that early and she'd be awake and mad until I nursed her at 6:30, when she'd be happy, but still awake for the day. So we've been getting up for the day at 5:30. I've...
So Pauline, is he in any therapy/treatment program? Has he grown out of these issues? How old is he now?
Thanks for both responses. I wondered what SPD stood for! I agree about not getting diagnosed easily. DS has no delays and is very advanced socially. People talk to him and are amazed he's only 5. I was wondering where to begin. Child psychologist may be the answer. I've had a couple bodytalk sessions for him that haven't produced much in the way of change. Anyone else?
I've searched this forum and the special needs forum and unless I'm missing something, there are not a lot threads discussing SID. I'm beginning to wonder if this is what we are dealing with with ds (5). He is an extremely picky eater and while he is becoming more willing to take one bite of whatever I make for supper and is on his plate, he hasn't LIKED anything new in months. I have been struggling with his eating (inwardly, trying to not make a big deal about it...
TGM tells you where the crowds will be and how to avoid them. We used touring plans specific for our family and he was right about everything!
We just returned last evening from a wonderful week at WDW! It was our first time as adults. It was amazing. I did not want to go home. The kids did great. We stayed offsight in a great condo at Windsor Hills. Great for a family, I can not imagine being in a hotel room all week. To anyone planning a trip: Use tour guide mike! We did not wait in one line the whole trip! Best $20 I spent! Now I'm dreaming about Disney!
Well, we are going in January and DP and I are really starting to get excited! Our kids will be 14 months and 5 years old at the time. We are staying offsite at Windsor Hills in a 3 bedroom condo. We had reservations in a cabin at FW but ended up canceling all that because we just couldn't pass up the savings! I haven't even been on MDC all that much lately cause I"m on other message boards planning our trip every day! Any suggestions for off site dining that is kid...
It's puppy chow here too! Yummy! I can't wait for the holidays to indulge in some things I'm avoiding now. My mouth is watering.
I think you are handling this situation great and teaching your DS about letting his choices be known. My ds is also like this and I have to work hard not to constantly encourage him because I want him to enjoy the situation and participate. Thanks for the reminder. When my ds is comfortable, he is a social butterfly and actively participates. But when he's not ready there is no convincing him. I think these are sensitve, thoughtful kids!
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