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My son is 12 and never been more than 30 ft away from me in his life.
You probably don't remember and I've since changed usernames but years ago you haver the advice I needed to leave my ex. I didn't want to, it scared the sh*t out of me and life sucked for a good long while. But I did it and now three years later I can't tell you how much happier I am. I never envisioned this better of a life for myself and absolutely did not believe you when you said it would get better. But it did and I am so grateful for your tough love back then. I hope...
Because things right now are so good? Your children (all of them) are suffering because of your inability to care for yourself and get help. They deserve better. Being a parent means doing crap we dont want to do. Life might even get crappy for a while but after some time and lots of effort it's likely to get better again, even better than you can possibly imagine right now from your dark depressed corner/world view.
Could you just throw that stuff away? Donate it to the goodwill or whatever Canadian equivalent?
I know how it feels to think you aren't the right parent for your kid. But that's depression talking. I think maybe he just needs a different kind of parenting then you hoped to do. For example I wanted to homeschool my son but have realize that we are just not the right combo of personality types for it. He does much better learning from someone that not me an I do better parenting Him when I gets break on a daily basis. Is it an option to send your DS to school this fall?
my son isn't vaccinated and i'm pretty grateful that we live in the usa with access to immediate health care and little chance of catching most of the VPDs. that said, if we were moving to uganda or any other developing country, i would attempt to get him vaccinated before we left and continued to vax on schedule in our new country.
what a beautiful story! thank you for sharing! 
I think your toddler will be fine. She may be extra clingy to dad while you are gone and to you when you get back but these are not things that will harm her. I think the 9 days will be harder on you then on her.
yes do it! what an awesome opportunity! your bb will be great with her daddy and it will probably be a really special time for them!
you can do whatever you want but if you have a fallout or disagreement it wont be enforced without a court order. the court order is basically the "default" agreement. 
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