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hope it's it SweetHuck!  
Congratulations to you! Hope you can get plenty of rest.
Thanks mommas! I did just get breast shield, I have to figure them out. They seem to be healing and today I didn't cring when he latched on. Ha, I didn't cry today either. I even worked out in the garden. I have been using a lot of essential oils to help me. In use frankincense nd a blend called joy, which has rose in it. They really help me. Now if this little man will understand that there is no all night party and we flip our days/ nights to the right...
Wow, you ladies seem to doing well. I am 8 days pp and finally feeling good. I loved being in the hospital, I was a little sad no one visited, but actually I enjoyed the rest. I didn't want to go home. I hated it the first night I was home. My sweet dh and dd cleaned the whole house. We have no family around so it's just the 5 of us. Dd is 10 and she has been very helpful and so has ds who is 5. I feel so bad cause the hormones made me freak out on them a few times. I...
Congratulations !!
Just a quick check in. I had a sucessful vba2c with the birth of my son,Omar , Friday 6:50 am. 9lb 10oz. It wad beautiful. The tropical storm went right over us with beautifu relaxing rain. Just a few small tears. We are both healthy and happy. hope all ya'll are doing well.
Congratulation!  Loved reading your story. Sending plenty of healing vibes your way.
I don't know how you do it Sweet Huck.  I took the tylenol pm and got to sleep all day. I feel a thousand times better.  I am just so close to the end. 40+5. I hope that since I am rested, my labor will progress. 
Well I last night was day two of all night Braxton Hicks. They are really strong from 1 am till 4.  I could not get them to calm down. I took three baths. I am completely worn out. I got about an hour of sleep.  I am having a hard time managing the pain, but I think it's cause I am so worn out.  My feet and legs are killing me cause I can't seem to get them off the floor. I just want to cry.  I just called my midwife and she said to take Tylenol Pm and try to get at...
Hahah, I totally told my husband I wasn't inviting him to the birth too. I  couple weeks ago I wanted to scratch his eyes out. Heard the same..."you wanted this baby..... bla bla bla. my hormones are out of control lately.
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