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http://combses.wcpss.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=30&Itemid=31   this is the list of the schools  awards 
Hi, I love my neighborhood,it is Avent West. It is between Avent Ferry rd and Western blvd. There is a playgroup yahoo chat group and a community chat group, Everyone is very friendly. best part its in the AB Combs school district. Its a Leadership Manet school, it wins awards every year and was the best magnet school in US. My daughter is in 2nd grade there http://combses.wcpss.net/   Its an older neighborhood, large yards, mature trees, and no hoa dues!   3...
I meet this woman yesterday at the Majid..Jamila she owns Noor Boutique  123 Morrisville sq. way web site  www.happyhijabi.com
fyi  that park has no restroom
I feel ya. I was diagnosed about a year ago when i totally lost it. an looking back on my life the patterns of emotions were right on. I am currently flipped out now. I need to get into therapy and I have to wait 3 weeks cause it is the busy season. I am going to the psych doc and midwife to find a better control of my mood swings.   We just bought a house and moved, I got the worst cold in the world and my playgroup friends are dissing me cause they "don't have time for...
hugs..I am right there with ya..I just have been telling folks this is the worst i have been in a looooong time.  Can you apply for heating assistance, or weatherization programs. we used to get a lot of support when we lived in PA.   We just moved into a new house and we are so stressed. My dh is in sales also.  Everything in my life is upside down....I cant even get an appt with a therapist  until 3 weeks from now.   to top it off, my tribal area playgroup...
I am on Lamotrigine. I do like it but I am not sure if its best yet. I am experimenting with hormonal birth control. I just tried Nuvaring ...but the combo isn't working. My mood swings are out of control. I see the docs Friday for a new cocktail. I was also using Zoloft to help with depression but i stopped cause it didn't seem to work and I didn't like the side effects.
I could ask my friends at the Masjid and get back to ya.
DD has no school and so we wanted to go to a park.  I was thinking Powell dr park in Raleigh.   This is an open to everyone. 
I can't make it anyway cause dh just told me I have to be home for the geek squad to come fix our tv.
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