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I am doing everything I can.  I am 40 weeks and wanted to go early. The baby will come when he is ready I  guess. Can't say that anything help.. Although acupuncture is making  me feel fabulous and I have so much energy.
I just came across this on FB and wanted to share it with every woman I know.  I am sure you will all enjoy it.  I hope it's okay for me to post here. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1373438121/a-beautiful-body-book-project
I will be 40 weeks tomorrow. The past few days I fell the most uncomfortable in pelvic area. I am not having contractions, just cramps , icky feelings. I had my second round of acupuncture and today midwife checked me, but my cervix is firm and high. She did do a membrane swipe. I was glad to find out she will let me go to 42 weeks before i have to make the big decision, have my third c- section or get induced. A lot do friends keep telling me they had dreams of me...
Congratulations Amlikam!!!!
I am just wondering what type of cream you all are getting for your nipples and breast feeding. I used lanolin in the past. Is there another option? What about coconut oil? I use it for everything so started thinking about using it for nursing. What do you all think?
How exciting to read about everyone getting ready. I have been reading while I am unable to move( resting) on the couch. lol.  I am 39+3 days and I am ready anytime. My other two were 40+6 but were c-sections.  So far I  have been doing EPO, I had acupuncture earlier this week, sex , nipple stimulation, green Thai curry, walking. I felt icky, crampy this weekend and thought I may start something with the full moon and all these crazy weather patterns. But no. Just...
I am using the midwives at unc. I love them.
I haven't had any crazy comments. Lately, though I keep getting asked when do I think he is coming. I tell them to ask him and let me know. Lol
I am almost sure this is my last. I am 39 and have two others. All are about 5 years apart. This last pregnancy kicked my butt. I am worn out. My husband is waiting for me to get a job....after this little one gets in school.
I packed a robe and slippers, baby wipes, baby's outfit and a blanket. I only have 4 shirts and 2 pants that fit so I can't pack going home outfit. I have my essentials oils out that I use daily. At the start of labor I will grab wireless speaker, phone chargers, oil diffuser, clothes, toiletries... Snacks. I really can't think of what I need. We did just install car seat. I think I am ready. (38 weeks now )
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