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oh how we need to run,and run,and run. I hope to pack a ball or 2. I hope to see you there.
yum, I put it my soup, it goes great with tomatoes . also ( letting my polish out) you can make piggies in a blanket. I make it vegetarian. I love it.
I think the plan is marbles and Friday it's gonna be warm so we are going to meet up outside at a park.
ha i was just going to say see u at museum , but i welcome you all to my place
bowling is fun for them
http://naturalsciences.org/visitor-i...urs-admissions so this is it...its free to get in but not public restrooms!!! my apt is open, even for strangers and strange people and obxbound lol whats the deadline for the decision?
us too!
Dr young ditto
Hey, we are finally in our new place. I can have ya'll over if we don't have another option. I miss everyone too. I need to be back on track...happy new year!
Hello, I was at this park today and it was super fun. Walnut Street Park 1420 Walnut Street [URL="http://townofcary.org/Departments/Parks__Recreation___Cultural_Resources/Parks_and_Greenways/Parks/Walnut_Street_Park.htm"] They had lots of cool nets to climb, a baby playground, sand pit, nice trails, and restrooms. Shall we try it?
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