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We want to play. I also love Ritter and the rubber ground. I would like to try out a art lesson with the older kids. I need to test out the lesson I might do for my working interview in 2 weeks. It should be non-messy. ziplocks> shaving cream and paint. They will mix the colors in the bags. If that is Okay with you.
Im in the same boat you are. I was also suggest nc child care search. You can start with the star rating, then go visit and ask questions. good luck. I am just trying sto find one close to me cause mornings are very hard for us
We are planning to be there.
hi, I have an 18mo son too. hope you can make it to one of the playdates soon.
I don't knopw of any but I did find this resource in my search for daycares. http://ncchildcare.dhhs.state.nc.us/.../pr_sn2_ov.asp
we may also go to marbles, cause dd doesnt have school.
what time 10? this is it right, 921 Buffaloe Road.
Thank you for the help!!!!
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