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HMMMM..no one goes to the dentist here??? I will extend out to Cary if ANYONE can help out. as for a babysitter/ daycare, do you know someone who uses them? I may be getting a 2 day a week job and need to put my ds somewhere. and I need to get my hair done and that isn't very easy wiht a 18mo. did i miss the do not reply to my thread post? cant you help a sister out?
we will be there. (why can't i put smilie here) Playdates around 330 would be awesome. I am totaly functional then.
sorry i missed, i had no energy to move. I would like to do something this weekend. I might fo to cary mall for trick or treating.
Can anyone suggest a family friendly dentist? Also, need daycare recommendation or babysitter And a mental therapist. preferably in Raleigh / Cary area If you can just pm me that would be just awesome.
I am working on being there, just not sure where there is. I will be watching.
Hey ladies....get funky... Just came acrooss this. looks like fun. I like the Friday night fun (cause I have no babysitter yet) and the Twick or Tweet looks like "fun for the whole family". Are ya in???? [URL="http://raleighnc.gov/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_2_137822_0_0_18/LaurelHills_SpecialEvent.pdf"]
well I have good intentions to be there. I think I can, I will make it, I can do it. I will do my best
What time are you going on Sunday, We may go after 2. fyi -we drove by today and there are many parking options on the street. There is from 5 - 10 $$$ and some free in the median. Just depend how far you want to walk. I'd make a drive by and check it out first. If im there Ill give a call. (our other option is going up to carrboro)
On Wedndsday DD get out of school at 1:00. Can't go without her or she will be soooo mad.
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