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Aww, On Sunday DD has school until 2. Couldn't be until 3 ish. And My DH is comming in for the weekend. So not positive whats going to happen.
Anyone going? I'm thinkin of going on Saturday ( depends on forcast). http://www.ncstatefair.org/2009/
oh well i tried. I drove around but didn't seen ayone. I seem to miss you more than meet up with ya. Can some you you ladies pm yer phone # ( or fb) so I can get a clue of whats going on. I just want some friends but I cant get out so early. Please be my friend.
hope to see you before the date is over. lol
did you contact th e parks lost and found. mabey some nice honest person turned it in.
sorry , i havent see it.
http://www.shakorihills.org/ Is any of you gals goings? I hope to be there fSaturday with the kidos.
Hi, I havent been out to shows much since the kids. I do love Grassroots Festival. always went to NY. I am trying to go this weekend in NC (my new home).
hi, I just move from PA where my dd attented kindergarten with partial vaccines. I just sent in religious exemption and didn't tell them what shots she did have.
We will be there, just a little late. Its walk to school day tomorrow.
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