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http://www.wcpss.net/school-director...lementary.html my daughter Amina goes to AB Combs.
sounds good. Also.....Any one up for Monday. Amina has the day off from school. I need to take her out to play.
sorry but my hubby is coming in tonite for a week visit. I haven't seen him in 4 weeks sooooooo... i'll be busy, catch up next week or maybe we can go out....not sure
http://www.ncliteraryfestival.org/page/childrens-area something fun to do!!!!!!
Ali and I will be there!!!
can any of you suggest a good chiropractor in the area, prefably one that just lets you go in when you need it and doesn't push for weekly visits. thanks sue
oh, I was there but late 10 , my ds slept in to late today. He dad a tie dye on if any of you see us and dd a dress. I have horrible sinus chest cold and so i looked like crap. I was gonna ask for ya but just couldnt talk. we stayed until 1130. sorry i didnt find you. next week lets do it again. what up with all the sand, my dd was freakin out cause it was in her shoes ( i was to)
Iwill be there tomorrow if all goes well, c ya in the baby play area!
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