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ok for me, is there one entrance to park, off which street is play area?
ok pearl2 feel better. Does anyone else want to meet tomarrow,or Its to blankin hot. (remember I just cam from Pa where it was 70s all summer ..lol) Next tues would be great my dd will be in school and I will just have ds 15mo to play with. Or Friday. I am up for anything except unpacking.
I can do either day. can it be the later of 9 30. I can't wait to get out. My apt is full of boxes. my dh flew back to Pa tonite, so I need some friends. I don't want to touch them for a few days.( or until my muscles heal) lol thanks for grocery stores ideas. big help.
i use homopathic meds and found them very effective and safe.
you can come to my place and unload the truck or babysit lol. I would like to meet up after tues. btw, where is a nice grocery store to shop. I know whole foods but need another less expensive one too.
We we are here, (our stuff is not however). I live on gormans st. I think we down graded. Cant wait to get out and hang out with you gals.
I have noticed my ds, 15 months, has developed a faint irrigular ring around his nipple. It has a very faint pinkish color. Do you think its a parasite or fungus? Did anyone have a problem like this before. I am just watching it and using oils to try and remove it? Any other suggestions> thanks sue
Pearl2 i pm you. (I think) thanks so much.
cool beans , thanks omg its only 15 days now!!!
cool, I went to alfred u, ny state school of ceramics. i love that neck of the woods. but not winter
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