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Hey everyone. We just sold our house and will be moving down from PA in 3 weeks. Unfortunately my dh need to stay back until his transfer. So I will be alone with my 2 children dd 6 and ds 15mo. My dd will be going to the 1st grade in AB Comes. Im looking for a place to rent around that area. I am excited to meet new friends. Help keep me from being lonely. sue: btw. does anyone know a link to a non vacc form for school?
: My dd is doing the same born 8/11/03 When she get around her friends she acts so crazy and out of control Ill be watching
Hey, I am there with ya. I have a 13mo, I remember your birth(from online). I also have a 6yo dd who doesn't stop talking or annoying her brother and bothe of them scream all day long. I just want to leave. I go upand down. some days are good. We are also trying to relocate and sell our house. I was doing really good when i was doing yoga booty ballet videos.lol and another yoga video. Now i have no time and feel like crap. I make us go for walk in the evening helps poop...
Im sorry to here. Life is def different with a child. Its hard in the beginign cause you have no sleep. Just deal with each hour as it comes and don't think ahead. I went on Zoloft after my second. I was on it for a few months until I was better adjusted to 2 children. I also had accupuncture to help. Do you have some friend to come help you with watching baby while you shower, eat, relax. I have some great friends in teh Atl if you need someone. They are close to...
You guys are great...oh wait..Ya'll are great. =)
Hey, We will be moving down over the summer and just want to set up things. I am looking for a natural doctor and /or no vac friendly one. For me and the kids. thanks, I look forward to meeting up with ya'll. btw..we will be living somewhere in ab combs school district :
I was born 19673. I remember songs... got a pocket full of money and headed to arcade. dirty laundry.. we are family, I remember singing and making up dance routines remember feather hair clips. ( my mom took mine away cause she went to community meeting and they told her they were for drugs) pack man fever
ABF seems like the best solution for truck. now all we need is a 3 month lease apt...i think... whoo hoo...I love packing...it feed into my control/ organization issues lol
Havent been there, but I have been going to the Grassroots music festival up here in Ithaca ny for 14 years....I am so glad that I will be able to keep going down there in Nc. Have any of you gone? Its wonderful, U can dance to zydeco til the sun comes up....
I saw the have the r- line http://www.raleighnc.gov/portal/serv...irculator.html
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