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18 days left for me. I am ready anytime. I hope its early rather than later. I am setting up acupuncture next week (38 weeks). I started EPO this week. 
Happy Mother's Day all ya'll !!!    I got to stay in bed till 9. Woot Woot!!   Then we went out to my favorite breakfast spot. Got a free chocolate covered strawberry, to bad I for some insane reason have no desire to eat chocolate. Kids loved it. I am exhausted after throwing my son's 5th birthday party yesterday. Dh took kids to the park in the afternoon and I got a nap in.   Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!!
YAY!!!!   Congratulations!! 
Hi, I am expecting my third child May 31. I was in April DDC cause I was late with my other children, but I have strong feeling I may be earlier...so here I am.   I am trying for a vba2c. I am birthing in a very supportive hospital with midwives.  UNC to be exact.   I live in Raleigh NC   I am having a boy. I  have a 10 yo girl and a 5yo boy.
I have 32 more days. DD is May 31,  I was always past due date, but I will be happy if he comes early.
according to my essential oil book "Gentle Babies"  by Debra Raybern , it states that Peppermint oil applied to the abdomen  and Myrrh applied to belly help.   But I think you have a while to go before there is concern. Also agree with chiropractic and acupuncture care.
I would be scared. My friend just had a home vbac with a 10 lb baby!
Kitteh- I get a brief massage by hand or massaging tool on my upper back, that is usually where I am tightest, so I can actually move during the adjustment. He also helps stretch my legs.
I ended up getting the Diono RadianRXT Convertible Car Seat to use in my Forester. I love it! It's pretty heavy. I still didn't have enough room for my 10 yo with that for my 5 yo and the newborn bucket seat, so we just sold my Subaru and bought a minivan. lol Its a 04 with 120k miles,but it was an even trade for my Subaru
Oh my, I wish I had a sex drive. My husband wants it all the time, but I just am uncomfortable at the end of the night and my nipples are ultra sensitive. I don't have the time in the morning either. I guess we are doing it 1-2 times a week, but dh wants more. I am 33 weeks now and I told him when I get to 37 we will do it daily to try to stimulate labor. 
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