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awesome, we will be down in july i think. we want to be in nw area of town behind nc state.
Hey everyone, We have decided to move to Raleigh. We currently live in PA and I was wondering how you all moved down, did you just get a U-Haul, or a POD, or moving co? next, did you rent, stay in long term hotel, or buy immediately. We want to live in the AB Combs school district, we like being in town. Do any of you live in that area? Do you know of any rentals? That seems like a nice safe area right? A little bout me.. I am an art teacher, gardener,...
I would see the doc. and fnd out what it is first. I have used garlic ear oil and a homeopahtic earache med. I got at healthfood store. I have always heald earache without antibotics warm compress work well too.
great. thanks how much clo would you recomend
thanks...but what is sa and clo.....sorry i havent sleep in days brain disfunctiong. btw he also coughs so much he squirts out diahrea i must have changed him 10 times today
hey can anyone offer suggestion on what i can give my ds who is 8mo and has dry tight cough...that the biggest problem for me now...He also has runny nose and a low ever last nite. He is not taking any food just constant nursing..and I cant put him down and dh is working. ds is sleeping on me as we speak. I did rub lavender oil ion his ears and feet.... is he to young for stronger oils like pepermins,sprment( kind of winter blend) can i give him cough syrup...i...
:: I am wondering the same thing. My ds is 8mo and wakes all the time. he refuses his binky( which used to work). I don't want to keep giving him my breast cause he's doesn't drink and ...I tried actually...but now my nips are sore. he did just get his top teeth and we jst finished stomach virus and cold.so im waiting but nothing...only screaming. rocking him helps some times. i hate the night.
Hi everyone, I am taking my family of 4 (me and hubby, a 5 yo and 9 mo) to a trip down south to find a new place to live. we want to check out c-ville and stay over. we are comming from ne PA bout a 6 hr drive. can anyone offer cheap hotels/motels places of intreast for kids not comming down til april over easter break. thanks for your help i hear such wonderful things about your city.
Hey all I am trying to change my lifestyle and trying to do yoga. can anyone recommend a good workout yoga video? Btw> I just got a yoga booty ballet video and i love it thanks happy holidays
check craigslist for asheville, i saw a few people opening their homes like a b&B but cheap.
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