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I like to prep some soup and meals ahead of time. We eat a lot of salad, fresh juice and smoothies so that is quick to make. I did just sign up for a CSA that will be delivering a box of fresh local organic produce at my doorstep. I am so excited cause I know I won't have time or energy to shop and my garden will be not so cared for. 
I see the chiropractor weekly.  He has helped with my pain in my hips. He also helps when I am sick, sinus or cough. My typical appt is a massage, stretches the then an adjustment (neck, mid back and  hips). If my muscles have spasm or are super tight I have to go more frequently and he suggests stretches for me to do.  He is an acupuncturist too, so come 37 weeks I am having him work on my points that will help stimulate labor.    I highly recommend getting...
I kinda feel ready. I have all the baby items I need ready to go. I have been watching natural birth videos to inspire me for my vbac. Things that we still need to get done: 1. our bathroom. We need to buy a vanity and paint. It has been under construction for months...we  just ignore it. 2. I need some highlights in my hair for summer :P   3. I am trying to get my garden planted. I just never have energy to bend over the rows.  4. finish chicken coop for new...
I am kinda in same boat. I don't have many 0-3 items. Not sure what happened to them all. I am hoping for my friends to buy me some new ones. I have bins of 12-18 though.  lol
Hi, I am looking for  a doula to help with my vbac after 2 c-sections. I will be birthing at UNC an my due date is May 31.  I live in Raleigh. Can anyone provide recommendations? Thanks
I am having the hardest time finding a boy name that I like. We need a Muslim name and  one of the problems I have is "can mommy say that"  My husband speaks arabic so its easy for him but not me. So my top choices so far are: Sofian Omar Abbas
I want to get one. I have a friend ( but not a close one) who is one. She charges $350. or I can get the free ones at the hospital( who may not be available). My husband wants the free one of course. I am trying for a vbac after 2  c-sections so I want to hire one.  I  guess I should start talking to her, and others.   Bottom line is I will have one.
Wow, what great discussions. I am going to take the plunge and buy my 4yo a Diona Radian RXT convertible car seat. Amazon has them for $264.   Has anyone seen them for a better price?  I am not sure what to do about the infant seat. Chicco Key 30 fit I guess,  I don't let the baby sleep in them, its just easy to have the bases in each car and getting them quickly inside.        
Thanks for sharing, can't wait to do it!
I am shopping for a car seat or two. I need a new infant seat, my old ones are out of date. I would also like to get my 4yo a new car seat as well. The challenge is that I drive a Subaru Forester and I will have three kids. My oldest is 91/2 so she doesn't really use one, but I am looking for narrow ones so she isn't squished in the back.  I did a little research looking at a Radian  for my 4 yo.   What is a good infant car seat these days. I will probably by a used one...
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