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I woke up, well got out of bed, yesterday at 10 and did some things around the house. By 2 o clock I couldn't stand anymore, so I took a nap from 2-5. I was good for the rest of the night. Today I have a headache and I am feeling spacey.  So I guess I just need to figure in a three hour nap daily to function. 
This has been my ever other day normal.  One good day, the next sucks. I am  usually good until about noon, then, I feel like I could pass out. My energy is so low and I frequently get horrible headaches.  I start out the day eating a fairly heavy protein breakfast, eggs, cheese,  chicken sausage and try to have protein for lunch. I even take spirullina and bee pollen, which usually keeps me going. Then I crash around  2, but I have not time to nap. I babysit and try...
I have an us on Jan. 4. I can't wait to find out. It will help me with names and decluttering old baby clothes. My son talks to my belly and the baby told him its a boy. I kinda am hoping for a boy.
I am 14 weeks and last week I totally felt better.I realized the beginning of 13 weeks when I was 7:30 pm and I wasn't ready to throw up and collapse. I stayed up till 10 pm! Then next few days I was feeling much better , but didn't want to push it. Later in the week I had a crazy sensation, I felt like I had a air compressor connected to my uterus. I felt like I was getting blown up. I guess a growth spurt. Now I feel good in the mornings but get very tired around 3...
I did get really sick and had low energy at 12 weeks. I keep saying it must be the grand finally before the end. Then at 13 weeks I felt great. I am 14 weeks now. 
That sounds great! I am glad he is will to get help. Hope it remains positive. 
wow, that was early. are you still in Nc?
I just yesterday started feeling better. I am somewhere in 13 weeks. Last night was the first time in a very long time that I wasn't super nauseated and having a major headache. I even stayed up till 10:30 lol. The other night my husband made a comment  about me being in bed at 8:30, (it made him feel like he is old). Whatever. But today  my energy level is much higher and I can actually eat a salad. I can't wait to get off the carbs, I need to keep my weight down. I may...
I am just over 12 weeks and announce it on FB yesterday (Thanksgiving)  I updated my status as,  I am not making a turkey this year, I just have a bun in the oven.... Happy Thanksgiving!.   it was fun, I figured everyone would be poking around online 
Tenk, thanks for the info. UNC works with Rex, I am having my u/s there. I did have to meet with a specialist there to review my case.  The doc. said, according to a computer test, that I have a 40 % chance and a successful vbac. That was based on my age, height, weight and bmi. She said if I keep my weight gain low I have a good chance. They can reenter the info with even more options when I am  about 38 weeks to give me an even more accurate % rate. I will also have a...
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