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I had my first appointment a week ago. Usually paperwork, urine sample, blood samples.   I am at a new practice and hopefully trying for a vba2c. The midwife was nice and supportive. She couldn't hear the heartbeat so did a quick u/s. That little baby was doing somersaults. I got a picture and my kids love it. My son imitates how the baby was laying when the picture was taken.  She then was telling me how I should get some vaccines and other testing ( I am 38). I was a...
Eating small amounts of protein help me a little. Eat often. I also like lime seltzer water. Had good results with peppermint, I rub some on my belly and also added it to my water. (Young Living oils only).
This always seems to help.  http://www.mothering.com/community/a/medical-marijuana-a-surprising-solution-to-severe-morning-sickness
I was going to make curried red lentils and basmati rice, but needed to go to the store for more curry, then my son fell asleep on the table and now I have no energy to move so I ordered pizza. lol
I am a SAHM and I provide child care for a couple of kids. I used to be an art teacher. My husband is in sales with Verizon Wireless. We have chickens and foster kittens/cats. 
I got it now! I blame the pregnancy brain that I lost.
It seems it should be under pregnancy section. A couple 2013 dates are there. I tried looking again, but can't find it. Maybe this is all my dream...
I couldn't stand up today. I am so tired, but not even tired, more like I am made of lead and just need to down. Is there an extra gravitational all force today? I am 11 weeks and man I hope I get energy soon. My house is and family are suffering.
I have the hardest time finding us. I have to search my old post to locate where we are at. Now this could be just in my blurred nauseated head. Why are we not listed under due date clubs.
I am planning a vbac after 2 c-sections. With my first two, I was in the wrong city that didn't support it. Now I am going to try at Unc.
New Posts  All Forums: