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Jealous. I felt good for two days this week, but now paying for it . Glad ya'll feel good.
I am taking spirullina in the morning  and it seem to help with energy for a few hours. I  was super tired the first weeks not I just have energy from about 11-3. I am trying to get out in the sun and see if my solar panels are working and get me some vitamin D. I am also using peppermint oil to help with morning sickness. I rub it on my belly and legs and back of my neck. That also is a little charge of energy. Just got to push on through and do what you can.
Ahhh. for the last 3 days I haven't been as sick. I get to here on line for a bit. I have been dying,but  it seems to be easing up. I am 8 weeks. I tried everyone's suggestion on eating more protein and more often and its working. I have been on a lot of carbs and I lost 3 lbs. My husband was complaining cause french fries were there only thing I could stomach for a week or and apple pie, he doesn't want me to be unhealthy and gain a lot. (already starting out...
I am super nauseated and have a hard time eating. I seem to only want french fries and a sandwich.  I feel bad I have sometimes can't cook for the family. Thinking about avocados a lot lately..I am waiting for mine to get ripe.
EDD:   May 31, but always late. Your Age: 38 Your General Location:  Raleigh NC This babe will be child #?: 3 How long have you been TTC:  a few months Tell us a bit about your family (partner, other children, and/or pets): We are a culturally mix family. My dd is 9 and my ds is 4. We raise chickens have two of our own cats and foster a few others. Anything else you'd like to share: I am trying to a VBAC after 2 c-sections. I am confident in UNC Hospital midwives...
Congratulations. I like to us New Chapter Organics I like a prenatal and a omega supplement. I buy mine online and its a lot cheaper. http://www.vitacost.com/new-chapter-organics-perfect-prenatal-96-tablets http://www.vitacost.com/new-chapter-wholemega-prenatal-500-mg-90-softgels     as for nausea, I use peppermint oil, patchouli oil and add ginger to my fresh juice. 
Hey, just figured out I am pregnant with #3. iPad app said I am due May 31 but last two were 1-2 weeks late so I am going with June. After I peed on the stick I started feeling nauseated. Not sure if its real or a mental think.lol.   
Hi Elizabeth, would you want to get together for a playdate Friday?
How about getting together for a playdate at Kids Together Park in Cary around  Friday the 27th @ 10.  http://kidstogethercary.org/
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