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Hey Mamas, I want to introduce you to  amazing line of natural, eco-friendly products such as shampoo, detergent, body lotion, all kinds of cleaning supplies, vitamins and so much more. I am not selling them; I am only going to refer you to the company that has been around for over 20 years :)   They also have business opportunities for those who are interested in work from home telecommuting (part-time or full-time).   I can do this over the internet via a...
Hi, I am writing this for my friend. she is in the Earth ship community and is looking to have have her first child in her mid 30'S. Looking for a midwife. Any recommendations?   She is nervous about starting a family so late...I told her she will be fine.    Any supportive help will be loved.   her name is Hillary if ya know here   here solar panels don't allow here to get much computer time. so I am helping.
There is a store on Hillsboro st at ncsu. Its called sugar magnolia.close are under $20  you will see the hippie mannequin outside.
I just went through a breakdown, my help was/is music. I listen to http://www.archive.org/ and listen to live grateful dead shows one after another. Or I would listen to Pandora. I love the world beats station. I also burned my favorite nag champa incense. I let my son watch tv while i just zoned out. ( I like cleaning).  I like to use essential oils. I make a blend of orange oil, ylang ylang  and patchouli. Its a wonderful blend.  I try to get outside. I started going...
Yes the State Farmers Market is open, I was there yesterday.  lots of apples , collards, and sweet potatoes.
It ended up raining anyway.....some Saturday I will try again. 
Hi, I am also from PA. North of Scranton, and just moved down last year! We see Dr, Young in Cary. She is awesome, and rad at the same time.  No vacs..no problems..  
 What a great date! My friend and I are meeting up at the Walnut street park in Cary Saturday around 1:00. What a great way to take a break  from all that shopping plus it's next to the Crossroads!    I hope you can make it.   http://www.townofcary.org/Departments/Parks__Recreation___Cultural_Resources/Parks_and_Greenways/Parks/Walnut_Street_Park.htm   cya then....
I can also help out
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