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I have a big problem with evaps on internet cheapies like those, but yours look way darker than mine ever have. Mine are like, you have to really look at them & hold them certain angles to see the line, and even then it's really just a shadow of the little indentation where the dye pools if it's a BFP. I think you might really be pregnant...
berryblndgirl - OMG, congrats! : Were you ovulating on your own at all before going on Femara? I ovulated on my own this past cycle without clomid but before that was on clomid for 3 cycles and it seems to have thinned my lining too much, so I'm considering Femara in the future...
Hey ladies - I just have a quick question. I am desperately in need of 5 clear blue easy fertility monitor sticks - I can't afford to buy a whole box this month and 5 is usually enough. I was just wondering if any of you had some extra that you'd be willing to sell me. PM me if so... thanks!
Definitely get an ultrasound... I don't want to scare you but a friend of mine had this exact thing happen to her and it turned out to be an ectopic. Either way, that'll be the best way to find out how far along you are. Of course it could very well be a healthy uterine pregnancy, though! Congratulations!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tear78 I hope it means something, but I have the same thing happen to me last cycle. Was it April Fools Day? I think it was. Feel free to look at last cycle's chart for me. A one day high temp isnt' enough I think to be sure. : for tomorrow! Thanks. That's exactly the kind of example I was looking for. I'm thinking it's probably a fluke temp, I have zero symptoms. No choice but to wait until tomorrow!
I am not in this DDC or even pregnant but I am crying for you right now, Mischevium, and MI Dawn. I wish I could offer some comfort. Much love and healing vibes to you and your families
I know I don't come in here very often... mostly because I feel sort of out of place now that I've been TTC so long... but I have a question to ask you ladies. Have any of you ever had a temp spike around 12dpo not related to fever, but weren't pregnant? My temp went way up this morning and I am afraid to get excited in case it's a fluke. I'm planning to test tomorrow morning IF my temp is still high.
Any more? I am about to hit 16 months and I know I'm going to lose my sh*t when my period comes next week Stories like this really help me feel like it's still possible.
Just popping in to say congrats, Luna. She's beautiful.
I knew it! : Wow, nice timing - congratulations! Now if only this would happen to me...
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