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Have you tried the 80 as well? How did it fit?   I would not use the smaller one, but get back to the doctor and have it fitted again! Better safe than pregnant..
I don´t have a recommendation, but look for "Osteopathen"- often midwives can recommend them.   For breech babies, look at spinningbabies.com, they have excellent advice which helps many women tremendously.   HTH, lara
How do you dry your clothes? We have to use a dryer in winter and I find that shortens the lifetime of everything massively.
Don´t panic.   Especially with the vaccines it is not easy to make the right decision- as well as you might harm your child with a vaccine, not vaccinating can lead to diseases and their complications (and disabilities or death) too.   Ask yourself, which thing you could live with more easily.   I have decided to vaccinate later and not against everything, but vaccinating or not is a very difficult thing to decide upon.   With the other things you have...
Leave away the lotion in her face! If she now starts to produce more sebum because of prepuberty there will be too much oil on the skin.   Maybe try only to wash in the evenings (if she has to use sunscreen! this must be washed away after the day).
Unfortunately fructise is as good or bad as any other shampoo.   Your hair doesn´t get thinner or thicker with the routine- it feels thicker because of the coating of all the stuff in shampoo.   This is actually one of the reasons for me to stay with shampoo, too.
If you have the money- get clear plastic bins and put all the spare toys in them. Put them somewhere out of sight.   Leave one or two only (or the contents, if you have enough shelving space or similar) out to play with.   Each week or every two weeks, rotate the bins.   This works very well for us.
We had a similar problem with my son. Everything natural we tried did not help. We got rid of it by using a cheap anti dandruff shampoo for about two weeks. We now only use it occasionally.
In Germany, where homeschooling is not allowed, it does not matter where you come from. Whoever lives here must take their children to school.
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