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I'm here to. Mostly lurk from my phone rarely get on the computer to type.
I'm 18w2d and am still barely feeling anything. I have an us on Tuesday which will hopefully make me feel better. My first pregnancy was a kick boxer so I am a little stressed out right now about the lack of movement.
I skipped it but I had a friend who got a pos on it. After further testing all was fine. The waiting is super stressful. Sending hugs your way.
Does anyone know how to treat a uti naturally during pregnancy. Can't start cranberry juice cause I will not be able to get to the store tomorrow because of the snow. This is an odd one for me no burning while urinating so I did not catch it earlier just pain after I pee. And frequent urination which I attributed to the pregnancy. It did show up on my urinalysis though. If it is not better by my next ob appt or it gets worse I will end up on abx which always give me a...
Laggie congratulations little kind have you had your thyroid checked low temps can be a symptom and it can also cause fertility trouble.
Laggie when I got preg with my first on 14 dp iui I got violently ill picked up something while camping. Was in the bathroom every 15 min for at least 6 hours. I thought i was going to die it was so bad. For a week everything I ate went right through me I lost 10 lbs in a week. Bubbs is 2.5 now. Just rest and try to stay hydrated. Feel better soon
I'm so sorry. Hugs. Sending you healing thoughtsd
Looks like the average doubling time for 25,000 range is 73.31 hours (but there is a very wide range )  http://www.betabase.info/showDoubling.php?type=Single
1st pregnancy 6 wks but it was pretty mild only nausea in the late afternoon or while in the car it lasted until 20 wks.  This time it started at 5.5 wks and I'm nauseous 24/7 almost puked a few times so far.  I'm hoping it goes away sooner with this one.
-Name: Stretch358 -Age: 38 -EDD: July 14 -Location: NJ -1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd -Baby's sex: we'll find out when the baby is born
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