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oh, i'll take some! only because i'm happy for you and want to celebrate!    
poor, mf. thats too much intensity to go through all at once... no wonder you're getting sick.
eating delicious and fresh strawberry, rhubarb cobbler that made from fruit from our garden!
can i please join? i'll bring the wine!
well, wtf? how do you feel? how does this affect your life?   mimosas for you...every day this week!
what? dh broke up with you for real? is he staying in the states or something? are you ok? poor. he must be crazy.   i'm up early and drinking coffee, getting ready for an all day cpr/first aid class. i wish i could bring mimosas...  
ss, are you recovered?   not only does purity love pie, (which is highly redemptive, in my opinion) but also, she is practically my neighbor!   md, how are your darlings, and what clever escapades have they been up to recently?
bas! so happy you've been drinking a lot of wine on your deck!   ss...poor! hopefully you did not give the girl of your late night liaison strep throat too... you should probably invite her over for tea and tending.  
i meant that we should celebrate your presence not your grumpiness!!
fb? really? wow! we should celebrate!
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