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I am seven months in and the hair at the back is just starting to work its way into dreading. I did at some point braid some of it. That was cool. The one thing I like about that hair being so long is that I can put everything up into a kind of ponytail thing. But it is way behind.
Congrats on the pregnancy MoonStarFalling! I am excited to see how my dreads will be when the baby is born. Mine are only six months now. I think I'm going to just let DD's hair lock up. She will not let me brush it at all, and after a few days it is already in little twisties. People are going to give me a lot of crap for it. She will not let me do anything about her knotty hair!
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie : my longest dread broke yesterday. I stepped on it and it snapped 43cm (16") came off. it's still 93cm (36") long even after that, but still. now I only have 2 left that are down to my knees. the rest are just past my butt. Aww no! But that's kind of cool, though. If I were a 16" tail of a dread I think that's how I'd wanna go out. Hey, what did you do with it??
I miss brushing my hair. I always loved doing that. I miss how shiny and silky it was. But not enough to go back anytime soon.
I've been having crazy dreams about my hair! I am also pregnant. I have lots of strange dreams when I'm pregnant. In one dream I kept twisting a dread until my scalp under it started twisting, too. I had this big long blob of twisted skin before the dread started. It was so creepy! In another dream three of my dreads fell out and left a big, purple blood blister underneath. It kind of felt like one of those dreams where my teeth fall out. It was so vivid. Anyone...
Loving these pictures! Love the way baby dreads look. And the little girl's dreads were beautiful! Makes me think about letting my DDs hair dread. She is two and a half and hates to have her hair brushed. But her hair is red and curly, much like MF's DD's hair, and I just love it. I have a question. Forgive me if this has been answered. I haven't seen anyone discuss it, yet. I have serious loops and twists and turns in my four-month-old dreads. Are they going to stay...
moonstarfalling - Love the trinkets!! lunaria - your hair sounds exactly like mine. I'm at four months and it can be difficult to be patient!
Hi folks, I am almost at five weeks, and actually pretty nervous about this pregnancy. I am not the worrying type. I don't worry about anything really. But everytime I go to the bathroom I'm paranoid that I will find blood. I am worried about having a miscarriage to the point where it is bothering me. I've never had one, so I don't know why I'm so preoccupied with it. I imagine those of you who've had them have it in your minds a lot too?
Yay Jessiebird! It's so fun TTC and then getting pregnant with other people.
EDD: mid-October Name: Brianna Age: 27 Location: Philadelpia How long it took to you to get your BFP: 3 cycles What number child is this for you: 2 Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH Jeff, DD Faye 2.5 and 2 cats, Ippy and Smoo Baby's Sex (hopes or guesses): I want another girl. Names you like (& are willing to share): Felix, if a boy. If a girl, I have no idea. Birth Plans/Preferences: I know for sure I'm not going anywhere near a...
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