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Katie, the signs I had just before my first PPAF were bloating and my toddler complaining about the taste of my breastmilk. That's it. I just took another test and immediately saw my BFP! You can add me to the last of January's success stories!
Quote: Originally Posted by xtara2003x My temp didn't go up yet!? WTH!? I got a pos. OPK, not to mention COPIOUS amounts of EWCM.....my temp was totally in the "pre O" state. So does that mean TODAY is O day? I can't figure this out! Yes, from what I understand, pos OPK, O, then temp goes up. But I've never used OPKs before. AFM, I took a preg test last night. I must not have peed on the stick long enough because it took a full ten minutes...
I will be leaving the 2WW very soon, but I expected AF today and she is not here. I am feeling very positive about this month, even though the timing wasn't great. But my temps are still up and I see a possible implantation dip there. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2b0f68 I don't feel pregnant at all. The only pregnancy sign I have is Faye's comment on my spicy breastmilk. I'm afraid to take a test, because I don't want it to be negative. But the longer I wait,...
congrats on the BFPs gottecat and desamom. Yay! I am expecting AF tomorrow or the day after. But my temps are up and I'm tired, plus DD commented that my milk is "spicy." the only other time she said that was just before my first PPAF. so maybe...
Quote: Originally Posted by fruitfulmomma Hairy celeb momma in the news... http://www.stylelist.com/2010/01/20/moniques-hairy-legs-at-golden-globes-2010-why-she-skipped-sh/?icid=main|main|dl3|link4|http%3A%2F%2Fwww.styleli st.com%2F2010%2F01%2F20%2Fmoniques-hairy-legs-at-golden-globes-2010-why-she-skipped-sh%2F OMG I love her.
Congrats BFPs!!!
You can move me to the 2WW, please. Although timing wasn't so good this month. This month was the first time I ever felt ovulation pains for sure. It was so interesting! I love how TTC has really brought me more in touch with my body.
Quote: Originally Posted by KingsDaughter76 WOOHOO!! The insanity ENDS!! I am THRILLED to announce that AF arrived this evening!! Please kindly move me to WAITING TO O!! My Dh and I are very happy to be trying for an October baby this cycle! Man- I am not sad at all - VERY relieved to finally know what's up with my body! :-) Yay!!!
Jenny, they are so cute! They're going to look great when they mature.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wendlynnn My first pp AF arrived today - shocking me (and of course I wasn't at home and didn't have anything on me). I'm so glad. Surprise
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