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I'm out! AF just showed up. 31 days cycle. FF says I O'd on day 21, but I think I O'd on day 16. Not bad! You can move me back to waiting to O.
FF moved my crosshairs so I am 9 DPO right now. I'm not feeling optomisitic. I'm just kind of wondering what's going to happen, this being my first PP cycle. I'm not very good at judging CM. Can't tell the difference between EWCM and semen. Yikes! Quote: Originally Posted by foodmachine Please move me to waiting to O. Dear Santa, We've been very good. Please bring us BFP's. Thanks. From the nursing mamas. :
Yeah, I'm not good with styling hair. I got sick of bothering with it. It was always going up in a ponytail, so why not just stop brushing it and let it do it's thing?
Quote: Originally Posted by rissierae I started having a miscarriage this morning So we will be ttc again next month. I'm sorry, Rissierae. Good luck next month!
Quote: Originally Posted by mishaj Thanks everyone for all the hugs and happiness! I just wanted to lend some support to the mamas who have a constant nursling... we thought so much about night weaning/ day weaning-and in the end, just ended up trying for one six hour stretch in 24 without nursing. If it happened, it happened, if not, I never wanted to compromise dd's comfort for my own want of a new baby. I had no EWCM, nada. We just bd every...
Wow, four more BFPs! Yay!! Wildecat -- I just got my first PPAF when my LO was 25 months. I am on CD22 now. She still nuses a lot and all through the night. My periods were always regular before, though. I realized this morning that my temp varies by .2 to .3 degrees F between either side of my mouth depending on which cheek I'm sleeping on. So now I don't know which temp to go with! I'll stay in the 2WW, but I don't know if my chart is valid anymore!
Quote: Originally Posted by twin_mama My 2 1/2 yo dd is very trying in general. The constant tears, whining, crying, etc. I have no advice but wanted you to know that I get it! In fact I'm glad I read your post today because just earlier I was wondering if other parents have to deal with the constant whining and crying like I do. It's enough to drive a person mad! It's so good to know I'm not alone!
Quote: Originally Posted by Chloe'sMama Narn- I don't know if you have noticed this, but my target thermometer isn't as accurate if I don't leave it in for a minute after it beeps. Just try it tomorrow.... see what the temp is when it beeps and then put it back and see what it reads after a minute. My temps were dramatically different (1/2 a degree.) I have been checking my temp twice in the morning, one right after the other. Sometimes it is...
Quote: Originally Posted by meganlisbeth any fast working BBT thermometers out there? The Target thermometer I bought gets a real quick reading. It's great. Congrats runnerbean and columbusmomma! Yay!! Please move me to the 2WW! I am not 100% sure I O'd. But I tried anyway! I am working on temping, but I've only got two day's worth of data so far.
Quote: Originally Posted by CariOfOz There is an in home salon up the road that specializes in dreads, braids, cornrows etc but it seems to cater to the African population so I'm not sure if she'd have an experience dreading straight ole white girl hair? I really don't see how anyone could have a problem. Even the worst hair person shouldn't have much trouble sectioning off some hair and backcombing. If that's all you're going to do, any salon...
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