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Don't forget the eggs! Eggs and oats... I live off 'em... and so cheap.
I say if you can afford it, buy the newborn. You can use them as doublers and milk catchers later. If you can't spend too much, skip 'em. My 8 pounder did okay with the infant size. They can fold down in front to keep the button dry. They are just way bulky for a few weeks. Kind of a pain when you are still achy from labor and want your diapers to go on easier.
[QUOTE=Magali;9912485]Do u have cats? They love the crib.QUOTE] Mine, too.
You can always get an ultrasound later if you change your mind. Why not just put it off until you're sure? I thought about skipping, but I was way too excited to see my baby's little skull-face, and also just to see that my baby had all her parts in the right place. It did make me relax a little when I saw that my baby looked healthy. But I wanted the sex to be a surprise. Everyone thought it was a boy. The best part of childbirth for me was when I heard my sister...
I would have LOVED that when I was a kid.
Quote: Originally Posted by winnie DP manages the money, pays the bills, does the budget, etc. He almost always does the grocery shopping, and I can add whatever I want to the list as long as it's reasonable and fits in the budget. But in general, for any bills that I had before I was a SAHM, I am still responsible for them. If I want a treat, like a coffee, I pay for that. I also brought up the topic of an "allowance" for myself, and it did not go...
I agree. Newborn poop slides right through the leg of prefolds and means hand-washing little curds out of your wool cuff. They work great with wetness, though.
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