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Something I've noticed: my head is very warm. I am that person who is always cold, but now I find myself feeling quite toasty and comfortable with this fluffy hair. I wonder if my hair will hold all this heat when it matures? I also find myself wondering: What would Paris Hilton look like with dreadlocks? and other strange things.
Hello again! I haven't checked in for months. I guess I had kind of given up on getting my AF. So I see I have been gone so long I have been taken off the list. Sorry! But guess what? AF finally came today! My LO is 25 months old and still nursing like a champ every hour or two, sometimes more. She nurses all through the night as well. But AF finally came!! So I am waiting to O, whenever that may be. I imagine things are going to be unpredictable for a while. But...
I didn't see Dr. Shay of Barto, PA on your list.
Sounds like a typical eight week old. Mine had a dairy protein sensitivity that showed up in a rash and bloody stool. It was really obvious. But I didn't realize until she was four or five months old that I had been making WAY too much milk. I think a lot of the time she just wanted to nurse for comfort without drinking all that milk, and it made her fussier than she would have been. But I would still say, without issues, eight-week-old babies can be VERY...
Hi! I am going to join you. I would say I am officially at day one here. My head looks like a frizzy mess. Kind of like a cross between a lion and a crazy cat lady. I think it's great. I feel very sexy and feminine. My husband was pretty upset at first. He said some nasty things. But he apologized yesterday and hasn't said a word since. I think the problem was me looking for approval. I need that a lot from him for some reason. I would post a picture if I hadn't...
I can't believe that lady said that circumcision is "tougher" on adult men than it is on newborns. Is being strapped down and screaming through the surgery easier? Did anyone ask a newborn how "tough" his circumcision was? Did anyone ever do a study on HIV transmission amonge circumcised FEMALES? If that showed a decrease in HIV would the CDC be pushing for cicumcision of a American FEMALES? I'd love to see that outcry.
Wow, thanks! I am going to join right now!
I thought it was cool how the baby latched on and off a few times at the end.
Please tell me there are some of you here in Pottstown. I am in the borough and would really like to know that I am not the only mom in town who isn't regularly spanking/yelling at her kids. I feel like a social misfit. Tell me you're out there!!
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