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Last night I made the tofu stuffed manicotti from Vegetarian Cooking for Dummies. My husband loved it!
Mine hardly ate any solids until after the first year. http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/so...html#nutrition
Quote: Originally Posted by spiraldancer For us it seemed like I was producing way too much foremilk (extremely forceful letdown) and because of that he was gassy and often choked and sputtered and got mad and screamed/pulled away. As you mentioned you've tried, I ended up expressing some milk before latching him on for a nurse, which seemed to help. : My LO did the same thing at that age. I was definitely producing way too much milk. I...
We put the mattress on the floor, too. We put the boxspring back under it when DD was about 18 months, maybe less -- old enough to stay on the bed at night. I kept a crib mattress next to the bed just incase, until recently. She is almost two, and I think it would be okay to put the bed back on the frame now.
Nipple-potamus! (for hippopotamus)
I agree that is sounds like he is afraid at night, even if he wasn't before or doesn't say that he is scared. Waking up alone in the middle of the night can be stressful for a kid, and knowing someone else is stressed can make it worse. Maybe he won't go to the bathroom at first because he needs reassurance first. Maybe a bed on the floor next to yours would help.
My thoughts on why things get worse in summer: School was very stressful for me as a kid, but the anticipation was causing the most anxiety. Even during the school year it was the night before or morning before actually being at school that was filled with the most anxiety. Especially when there was time to sit and think about it. Once I was actually in class, I felt less anxious, though it never went completely away. My obsessive thoughts were always at home where I...
Wow, beautiful scarf.
Oooh, the sleepsack is pretty!
Just kidding! But seriously, the internet has taken over. We haven't had a television for months, but now my 21mo asks to watch the "puder" all the time. If I say no there is crying. I have to force her outside, and then she asks for it every few minutes. I have to get rid of it!! So the library offers free internet. Is there anyone who only uses the internet outside of the home? I can't talk my husband into it. What do I do?
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