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I have noticed that the less I get my LO's head wet, the less wax she has. I only wash her hair once every one or two weeks. I think it's like oily skin, where the more you wash it the more oil your body produces.
Congrats on the new pregnancies!! And welcome to the new folks! Checking in: no sign of AF anywhere. DD must be teething or something. The last two weeks my darling child has been replaced with a screeching monster!! She's been nursing almost non-stop and staying up past midnight nearly every night. I've even found myself up late with her wondering if I really want to do this with another one! But the next morning she wakes up smiling, and I remember it is just a...
Faye is 20 months old. Her favorite things to do are: strolling around the neighborhood to point at and smell flowers walking along the stream and looking at ducks and squirrels helping me wash dishes or make lunch dancing or being carried while I dance singing while making her dolls dance looking at pictures and videos of her or other kids reading books following other kids around and imitating them
Congrats FullMetalMom and maplesmom!!! Grahnola Mum, how are you holding up?
Checking in: been six or seven weeks since I had CM, and now having some again. So, I'm thinking my body is really gearing up to pop out some eggs soon. My LO is now 19 mo and nursing a LOT at night this last week. I doubt I O'd, but when I saw the CM this weekend I made sure to get a BD in there, at least for some practice since it only happens maybe twice a month. Welcome to the new folks! I'll be checking in to see how these recent BFPs are coming along.
Quote: Originally Posted by LiLStar And college was awesome. all the stupid crap i hated about jr high and high school didnt exist. I in no way found any of my classes "too hard" due to not finishing high school. In fact my gpa was higher than it had ever been. It was a surprise to me when I went to a state university, that my classes were so easy! Even my first year chemistry courses were easier than a lot of high school courses! It was also...
Wow, have I ever been hormonal! Or at least, I hope, because if my behaviour and stress level can't be explained with hormones, then I am losing my mind! Also, breaking out, which is a big menstrual/pregnancy symptom for me. AF has gotta be around the corner. This is nuts!
My LO has always regularly slept for 5 or 6 hours straight at night. There are nights that she nurses more often. She doesn't usually wake up when she nurses. But most nights she goes several hours without nursing or waking, and it has been so since birth. I have always been a well-rested mom. I wonder if my next baby will be the opposite? It doesn't seem fair to all those exhausted moms out there!
Congratulations on the BFP and +OPK. How exciting!
Oh man, PE was the worst for me, too. I remember them telling me that if I didn't run the mile, I wouldn't graduate. I remember just standing there saying, "Well, I'm not doing it." Although, I can't remember why I didn't. Oh, and I dreaded volleyball with the boys. I was small, and they were so pushy. I got elbowed right in the face! I feel like it was fifth or sixth grade where I started dreading school, too. I remember missing the bus in middle school, and hiding...
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