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Our family is looking for other unschoolers and nonreligious homeschoolers to connect with! We started a Facebook group, please check us out: https://facebook.com/groups/1404885453081442?ref=bookmark&__user=654023558
Our family is looking for other unschoolers and even secular homeschoolers in the Upper Peninsula near Ironwood. We started a Facebook group: https://facebook.com/groups/1404885453081442?ref=bookmark&__user=654023558 Please connect with us!!
I'm not sure which heading this falls under so pardon me if I post in the wrong spot!   Just wanted to give  a heads up to other breastfeeding moms who's babes get any pumped milk. The Medela glass bottles have a defect and the ring with nipple does not properly twist onto the bottle causing milk to leak. I called Medela and they did confirm they had received other complaints and offered to replace the bottles. I asked them to send me the BPA-Free plastic ones...
Hello! Welcome to Ironwood! It really is cold up here in the winter. I would recommended lots of wool socks and a Stormy Kromer. http://www.stormykromer.com/index.ph...iewCat&catId=2 A couple of us just started a parents/playgroup for progressive types.. if you are interested check us out http://www.meetup.com/ironwoodprogparents/ -Leah Ironwood, MI
Quote: Originally Posted by rparker Hi, my husband has accepted a job in Ironwood and we're moving there next month. We have a 9 month old daughter, so I'd love any recommendations for mom/baby related groups and activities in the UP. We'll be living in Ironwood initially, but we'd eventually like to live in Marquette (my husband would commute). So any suggestions for things to do? I've been trying to figure out where the closest LLL meetings are and my...
P.S. I also would not and don't make it a habit to spend a lot of time with people who go by Mr. or Mrs.
Why is it disrespectful for a child to use the same name as an adult to refer to you? Children should be treated as equals. I will not teach my child to call anyone Mrs. or Mr. anything. In fact I will encourage the opposite and if someone is offended, well than they can just be offended. My child's intellectual freedom is the priority. Not sparing some random persons ego. False senses of authority are a major problem in this country.
Quote: Originally Posted by nicole lisa For me being "mama" to my DS and "Nicole" to everyone else feels like I should be someone different with DS than I am with others and that's not true for me. I am just "Nicole" and always have been so taking on another name which would make me not "Nicole" to a close friend and family member (DS) is hard for me to understand. The people that know me most intimately should be the ones to call me by my name, if that...
I wanna get in on this UP thread!! My husband and I are really excited...we are under agreement for a house in Ironwood. I'm so excited to see that there are plenty of mothering.com type mothers up there. Anyone in Ironwood? I'm really looking forward to living a more simple, somewhat stress free lifestyle. Chicago is the pits.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrandiRhoades Do you want to be around other kids who regularly call their parents their first names? Your post said who "learn" the names, which I think most kids do. Why is this such an issue that you'd specifically look for kids who always call their parents by their first names? That seems like an odd request; I suppose I don't understand the significance to you. I'd think, though, that you'd have a hard time in most places...
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