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I just slathered a tablespoon of raw/virgin coconut oil on a half piece of banana bread, it was delicious. :) If I'd put butter on that thick it would have been gross, but the coconut oil melts away as soon as it's in my mouth, and doesn't leave a greasy feeling in my mouth.  When I was pregnant I used to put 2 TBSP of coconut oil in my smoothies and it was great, and also seemed to cure some skin itchiness I was having. :)
I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow, but my last 2 babies were born at 43w 2d and 43w. So... I guess I have 2 more weeks to go. :P Even though I knew I have looong pregnancies, I still hoped that this would be different because he's my first boy. :P Phooey. I actually wouldn't mind too much but my midwife (homebirth) has me seeing a backup doctor so every week I go "overdue" I have to have another $100 appointment with the doc. :( Kind of feels like I'm being fined for each week I...
I had a homebirth in rochester NY with blue cross blue shield (anthem?) EPO... They told me over and over they wouldn't cover the birth, we even went down to the offices and talked to them, sent them letters about how the NYS insurance commissioner requires HMOs to cover homebirth. BUT as an EPO they didn't have to pay for it. :p Interestingly enough, my midwife billed them and they payed out $1600ish (out of the $3700ish bill) to her. They said that it was for...
I'm supposed to be doing the brewer diet though I'm failing at eating ENOUGH calories and I keep not getting in my leafy greens. I guess I could start putting those in my smoothies. :) My goal is 90 grams of protein a day, which I meet almost every day, and then supposedly there's a way to get in 2,400 calories a day, but I haven't done it yet. ;) this was wednesday, a somewhat typical day: breakfast: fruit smoothie with berries/banana/nuts/yogurt/oj 2-3 scrambled...
I put in the rates for last weeks ultrasound and for the ultrasound with my last pregnancy. My last pregnancy was a girl and the heart rate was 154 at 17 weeks, this pregnancy is a boy and the heart rate was 164 at 16 weeks.   The website said the last pregnancy was a boy and this one was a girl. :p So it said the opposite of what is true. :)
hmm weird. So it's a matter of medicaid needing to update their list so he's not on it? and then he'll be able to take cash? Alrighty makes sense. :p Meanwhile, I'll be journeying to dayton. :p
I think if I tell them I have no insurance, they'd take me on. I'm just wondering if that would get ME in trouble. I talked to my midwife again and she told me of another doctor an hour away who will take medicaid, in which case I'll be spending $20 on gas for the appointments but I'll be saving the out-of-pocket fee for the appointment. :p  I'd think they'd be happy to have a patient paying out of pocket, no matter what insurance they're covered by. Argh :p
There is a homebirth friendly doctor in town who I was supposed to have a few prenatal visits with, just as a backup doctor. I called today to make an appointment, planning to pay out of pocket. The problem is that once they heard that I have medicaid insurance, they won't accept me as a patient, even though I'm paying cash. It doesn't make any sense to me, and someone mentioned something about it being insurance fraud. It seems silly though, if I lied and said I had...
(nevermind!) :)
Hi Ladies! I'm posting for a friend who just found out she's pregnant with her 3rd baby. She's interested in a VBA2C and I know that she'll need to switch to a doctor who is supportive of VBAC to make that happen. Does anyone recommend any doctors in dayton who would could help her with this?  Thanks!
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