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You got it Turquesa! 
and when clear the word diphtheria does not appear, and you have no facts to support it, perhaps good judgment should prevail and not post unsubstantiated and misleading information to imply a POV you hope for - I think that is a good idea!    it's mean simply unbelievable - shock!
 I posted to show how this is being used, even on this site. It's dishonest, it's is being used for another use. The marker was not made to be used to serve vaccines, diseases or to push an agenda. These were real people and they are being treated in a horrible manner IMO, simply distasteful.
It is what the IMAGE is being used for and what the mene is about, not where it all appears.Content matter? I think so!
I said I would not post the pro- site.Frankly this meme has been shared and appears on lot s of places and that still doesn't negate it's the use and what is implied by using this image/real family for propaganda.
Again, this tread is not about reactions from vaccines, that is off topic
You posted the link to a site that shows the meme,as a link, post #40
I'm not posting any of my personal emails.Frankly I don't see the point, it was posted here in the vaccine section with no links in another thread. If you being the mod want to link that thread, I really don't know the rules for that- it use to be a no-no but seems others are posted from other sections and they are not removed???If the implied use and the fact the meme site is used as credible and other memes are posted on here from there, yet there tends to be an outcry...
I first saw it here as an image, not as a meme and within a day I saw it in my personal email, actually none of this really is the point - my point is the USE meme or image, I don't see the difference, both connect diseases eliminated implied vaccines, both have no facts.I'm not sure the link to the other thread can be posted, you couldn't in the past, I'm really not sure now????? It is in a section about vaccines, not circ or breast feeding or hobbies.
New Posts  All Forums: