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YES, it certainly is! But we say one things and do another - no personal attacks! except when that "person" isn't you!!!  I love to see the propaganda with the tombstones and the ASSUMPTION of what VPD they died of, when the reality is they didn't die of VPD, nothing to do with a disease either - but yea, a house fire doesn't play in the "PUSH the vaccine play book of FEAR" like using dead people's tombstones and throwing out a VPD threat!  Yea, go after others to PUSH an...
You want them not be profitable?  You want to now deflect more? How about the costs involved with those with reactions? Chump change I suppose since you never really acknowledge reaction happen, do you acknowledge they cost money?  Guess it's cheap to take care of Hannah? Got figures on that cost you wish to share? She is the only one too- correct?
You do understand why health care cost in general are the highest in the US and why the US ranks #1?      profit 
I don't think one side cares one bit about insight or "understanding" of me or the camp I mostly align with.  I'm not seeking out insight on the side that vaccinates, their position about me has been made abundantly clear (as in they are the ones controlling the media message) - I personally don't see ANY compassion at all expressed toward me, I see the opposite (restricting on my legal rights, down right condemnation of my choice and discrimination towards my child). I'm...
I "assume" most people don't seek out travel information on the mothering vaccine section as more up to date information can be found elsewhere. And since all of it is well after the fact anyway I don't see the relevance anyway. 
By the way, I do not identity myself as a vaccine critic in anyway, shape or form, I did not name call you and would like you to not label me! 
sorry but you are greatly missing my point if YOU want to play moral police person go right ahead as far as stating when someone posts one VOP on one thread and totally different POV on another and you call them on, I think that is pointing out an inaccuracy and should be done Us against them, if you are a minority being picked on, they clearly are against you, pretending they are not is simply that - pretend! 
  If you looked into the posts on the tribe section you would see there are various reasons for posts and I had used them for traveling to other locations as well.
IF you are saying you would stand up for Dalia and the rest........why do you continue to post and link blog of individuals that promote the removal of parents rights and call those who do not vaccinate their children murderers? Double standard isn't it?
yea, it's a far cry from zero! 
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