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They "may" have died from a falling start, or a house fire - I can have an opinion but I would not think to put out ANY propaganda to advance a agenda using deceased people when clearly you do not know the facts.
12 children dead, hard to even imagine.  I believe the 5 that died in 1890 succumbed to a diphtheria outbreak.   This picture also demonstrates quite well why vaccines help control population levels.  How often do you see a family of 12 children these days?  I don't see the word "MAY".
Isn't it also disingenuous to repost undocumented information? 
 They may have also died from a falling star, it does not make accurate, respectful to say or assume and use it for propaganda to advance a agenda! 
I'm going on what I was informed of - no credible evidence that they died from a VPD. It also was not just one person that looked into this. Again, I was also told they did not die at the same time or same year.  There is a wealth of information from PA, dept of health, local, county, etc that do show outbreaks and they are documented - see the links I provide. There is also evidence stone masons goof up!  Simply with this there is no evidence of it. 
actually it was one of your posts in the other section that stated it - diphtheria  also the meme that has been floating around also refers to this as "vaccine" related PA did keep records, most from the 1800's recored their records at the their place of worship, be it a churches, etc and in their family bibles, etc   Nope, just called and asked some questions.               okie dokie!
I did not see any link to support why there is no documentation of these deaths? Five members (children) from one family, all die at the same time from diphtheria and no record of this?   Yet there are records of even suspected, unsubstantiated cases to be found, as well as out right confirmed cases. How do you account for this?I assume you also asked when you called about this and have some proof or is that  just an antidotal account?  I would assume if Teacozy spoke to...
I happen to know who deals with this she is not a he.
The woman who deals directly with the cemetery and the records is in only on aWednesday.Since they have had numerous inquiries she is the one who does know the history.
A few more things.   The meme that floated around looked like this, but I have seen others post it different ways -  The site that posted this is known for pushing this type of imagery and with this one is done for a set reason. And no supporting information is provided, no link to a source, nothing. Just put it out there and hope it sticks, regardless of accuracy. With other's posting it and assuming wrongly the cause of death, it not only is disrespectful to the...
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